3 frame safe jumps (street fighter 4)


I am trying to get the hang of safe jumping with DeeJay and I can do it with 4 frame or slower characters but against a Ryu or Ken I can’t seem to get it. I can sometimes do a set up that stuffs the shoryuken, but I am trying to do a proper safe jump where if they reversal I can block it, not stuff it. The setups where I stuff it aren’t reliable because EX srk has invincibility frames and destroys it. I know there is something called landing frames but I don’t know exactly how that works.
Is it possible to do a “traditional” safejump on a 3 frame reversal character or am I possibly mixed up on the idea of safejumping? If it’s doable can you give an advice on how to get it right?


It’s not possible to safe-jump 3 frame reversal characters.


It is, actually. though the setups are esoteric and the tactics them selves arent the most powerful. Also 3 frame reversals can be empty jump cr.lk’d and then punish the reversal if it came out and the empty jump can be mixed in with non empty jump high… Though the timing for those mixups is quite difficult… Needs to be frame perfect like the hitbox safejumps that make 3 frame reversals hit on the 4th frame.



You can safejump 3f reversals with specific spacing. 3f reversals usually don’t hit that far away on the third frame, meaning if you are a character length or two away at the time of the reversal, it actually hits on the 5th+ frame, making them safejump-able.


Usually you’re better off trying to find a way to make the DP whiff (even if they are really good at autocorrecting their DP).


Only a select few members of the cast can traditionally safe-jump a 3 frame reversal, and it’s difficult to time. I know Cody has one that he can off one of his throws, not sure if it’s front or back. And Honda can also safe-jump 3-framers using both traditional safe-jumps and non-traditional hit box safe-jumps.


Sorry, but I have a question. How do I safejump (with Ryu)? I googled, I really did, but I couldn’t fine anything :confused:


Step 1: Try not to threadjack other people’s threads.
Step 2: There’s a Ryu character sub-section on this forum. Look it up, and they’ll most likely have safe-jump setups for that character.
Step 3: Google won’t tell you jack shit. You’re better off looking to forums like these, and others, to find answers.


So for 3 framers, you need to get kind of character specific? It needs to stuff, make whiff, or have careful spacing? That’s what I am getting from this.
Also eltrouble, I don’t mind the threadjack. If my question leads to other people getting advice then that’s good too.


3-frame safe jumps only work when the attacking character’s jumping normal recedes too far upon landing for the 3-frame reversal to hit in it’s first active frame. This means characters like Balrog, who have super long reaching jumping attacks, can space it so just the tip of their jumping normal will connect on a waking opponent. Your full jumping attack is out for up to a few frames (It depends on the spacing), and when you land, you have your super-receded landing animation. So despite the fact that you can’t actually block the first few frames of the Reversal, the Reversal isn’t actually going to connect until the later active frames.

This safejump is virtually useless outside the corner because you can backdash for free with no repercussions. Edit: There may be a couple OS for this situation, though.

Edit: Also, landing frames after using a jumping attack = two frames of not being able to do anything.


So if you have only 2 frames of not able to do anything and the fastest reversal is 3 frames, does it take more than 1 frame to block? I’m not doubting, but I feel like I’m missing something.


Well. With a conventional safejump, you need a four frame Reversal minimum.

  1. One frame with your Jumping Attack out. Coincides with the very first wakeup frame. A Reversal starts here. If they block instead of Reversal, your attack connects. If they use an invulnerable Reversal, you pass through them to land on the next frame.

2,3. Two frames of the landing animation where you can’t block. A 3-frame Reversal would hit on the second of these two frames.

  1. Finally, you block on the final frame, which coincides with the first active frame of the 4-frame Reversal.

To safejump a 3-frame Reversal, we’ll look at something with identical timing.

  1. One frame with your Jumping Attack out at max range. The Reversal (Shoryuken) starts here. If they block, the attack connects at the tip.

  2. You land, receding your hitbox.

  3. The Reversal comes out, but you’re hurtbox receded so far due to the difference between the attack and landing animation that the Reversal doesn’t connect on this first active frame.

  4. You recover and block on this frame. Depending on the spacing of you and the Reversal, the Reversal could connect on this frame or a later frame.


Reiterating what other people are saying, basically to do a 3 frame safe jump you need to make the attack whiff on its first active frame, effectively turning it into a slower attack because of spacing.

Usually this means you have to be spaced far away from your opponent and do a jumping attack with long reach.

Like others have said, the reward for this technique is not as much as the typical safe jump because you can’t abuse your frame advantage and you can’t easily option select the backdash. Some characters can OS the backdash, it’s just a matter of reach.


Quick question from a complete newbie, what is a “3-frame safe jump”


Safe-jumps are a type of meaty jump-in the opponent cannot reversal; if they attempt to do so, your character has recovered in time to block the reversal and punish its recovery. A n-frame safe jump is safe against an n-frame reversal.

3-frame safe jumps are a little special because they rely on making the first active frame of the opponent’s reversal miss rather than on being able to block by its first active frame. Krackatoa explains how safe jumps work pretty well a couple posts above.

Other definitions that you might need to understand the above:
“Meaty” - active frames coincide with the first frame of a character’s wakeup.
“Reversal” - An attack with invincibility or some other property / properties (1-frame startup is an example of another property which can make a move useful as a reversal) which make it useful to “reverse” situations by going through an enemy’s attack or hitting between attacks in a frame trap situation. Examples in Street Fighter include Shoryuken, Flash Kick, and Zangeif’s Ultra 1, amongst a very large pool of others. Sometimes also called DP (dragon punch) even when the reversal is not a dragon-punch style move.
“Frame Trap” (for the definition of reversal above) - A block string with tiny (1-2 frame) gaps in it. If you do a frame trap and the opponent attempts to press a button, they will get hit. Ofthen vulnerable to reversals.


You can safejump 3f DPs with many different characters. They aren’t your typical meaty safe jumps, but you’re still safe from punishment. Besides spacing your jump-in so that the DP only hits after the 3rd frame, certain characters can space and time a jump so that it hits very close to the opponent’s mid-point as they are waking up. This causes reversal DPs to either whiff because they move forward under the opponent, or to get stuffed from behind. The key is that if they delay the DP to auto-correct it, it either becomes a safe jump because it effectively turns it into a 4+ frame DP, or the opponent gets hit because they have to delay the DP by more than 1f in order to auto-correct. It’s much easier to perform these kinds of setups in the corner because the corner forces your jump in to hit near the opponent’s mid-point. An example of a midscreen setup: Blanka: f.throw, lp ball, back step, j.mk vs Ryu. I’m pretty sure C.Viper’s b.throw, step forward, j.hk is also safe vs reversal and auto-correct DPs if performed correctly.


thank you! this helps a lot…still trying to learn everything


Jump at them like a man and take that mashed DP.