3 Free Play Asia coupons

Had em laying around, all are the usual 5 bucks off an order over 50.

AC-JCZ-KQN (expires Nov 12th)

ER-IUU-WOK (expires Dec 13th)

ZB-EXY-YLZ (expires Dec 13th)

If you use em, make sure to say so in the thread so multiple folk aren’t hit with the disappointment stick upon entering the code.

these don’t go towards pre-orders do they?

yeah they work fine on pre-orders. Mine worked on arcana from like, months ago. Just as long as its over 50.

I am starting to think we shoud just have a play-asia coupon topic. Every couple weeks I see a new topic with someone either asking for one or someone posting them up.

I know that with a topic just for the coupons, some of them could get lost in the posts, but maybe it would work if you ask people to copy the list of coupons that are still active into the end of their post when they either use one or add one. This way someone would only have to look at the last post in the topic to find out what coupons are still active. Just a thought.

Yeah there is one at Neo-geo.com too and it seems to work pretty well as a sticky

Sounds like a plan fellas.

Sounds like a good idea. Could be just the coupon thread if there are any other places that give out coupons or promo codes.

I’d buy Wangan Midnight if I hadn’t already spent so much money on preorders

Need these for DS3 next month, hopefully they’re still there by then. =/