3-hit EX Tatsu after FADC



Playing online, I landed a BnB ending in lk tatsu to hp srk, FADC (after 3rd hit) to EX Tatsu. Generally the EX tatsu gets 2 hits unless my timing is off; however this particular time I got 3 hits out of it. Is it just a matter of perfect spacing/timing or is it character specific mabey? (it was vs Sim btw)
I only ask because the dmg might be enough to justify using 3 bars on it vs lk tatsu, lp srk, FADC to hp red fb (3 hits). I just cant do it again in training to test it. The 2-hit EX tatsu follow up out damages the lp srk FADC 3-hit fb by a hair, but not really enough to justify the extra bar IMO. Not to mention FADCing after the 3rd hit of hp srk is way more comfortable for me.


Both character and position specific, corners can also play a roll in this. FADC’ing after the HP SRK may be more comfortable, but it’s also pretty useless. Might as well save meter at that point.


I got it to work vs Dhalsim again in training and you’re right, pretty useless. Starting the two combos with the lk tatsu, 3-hit ex tatsu gets 36 more dmg and 40 less stun than 3-hit red fb. Throw in jHK, HP to start the combos and it scales down to only 24 more dmg and 30 less stun.
Anyone know offhand what characters this works on?


In the corner you can fadc red fb, to ex tatsu for one more hit but again prob not worth it.


Onaplain, if you wanna expend an EX bar over and FADC for improved damage and stun over the red fireball finisher, use the EX red fireball.

LP Shoryu - FADC - EX Red does really hefty stun damage, with larger boosts, the lower your scaling.

In the case of j.HK - close HP - LK Tatsu - LP Shoryu - FADC - EX Red; you’re turning out 800 stun damage with just that one sweep or demon flip throw away from a stun on a 1,000 resistance character. Obviously, the closer you are to that next hit that stuns, the better. It’s worth that extra bar to be able to shoot for one last hit for the immediate stun on a normal character.


Yeah, I don’t believe using an EX Shakunetsu off the FADC unless it seals the round is prudent. I’d say what, an extra 20, 30 damage?


Yeah but what better way to win the round than with LP SRK -> FADC, EX Shaku, EX Tatsu? It’s completely sick looking.


Tru dat.


You could say as much about the prudency of those who juggle in the corner with EX Tatsu into HP Shoryu over an LK Tatsu into HP Shoryu.

I don’t lose much sleep over meter with Akuma because it’s always around to burn. Teleport to space and chuck some fireballs and it comes back around, I find his general spacing EX moves are kinda chuck-and-hope, so it nevers feels wasted to me.

Ask yourself if there’s a difference from being 200 points away from a stun, and 260 points away from a stun.

(Incidentally, landing a cross-up Tatsu on wakeup and following it up does no more than 250 stun without extension or reset)

More food for thought:

Close HP - LK Tatsu - cr.LP reset into a j.MK cross-up - cr.HP - LK Tatsu - LP Shoryu - FADC - EX Red is worth an immediate stun on a standard character.


and so is

dive kick or cross up, s.HP, lkTATSU, HP reset, into dive kick, s.HP, lkTATSU, to lp.SHORYU (does i think a hefty 3/4 life and auto stun provided he falls for the reset dive kick)

use in last round as a trump card if you’ve never reset combo’d him that match :slight_smile:


After a LK.Tatsu

SRK + Shaku = Total

HP does 190 + 50 = 240
MP does 160 + 100 = 260
LP does 130 + 150 = 280

And if you want to add in damage reduction

190(x) + 50 (x-.1) = 190x + 50x - 5 = 240x - 5
160(x) + 100(x-.1) = 160x + 100x - 10 = 260x - 10
130(x) + 150(x-.1) = 130x + 150x - 15 = 280x - 15

Where x is the value of the damage reduction.

And to find out when 280x - 15 is greater than or equal to 240x - 5

280x - 15 > 240x -5
280x - 240x > 15-5
40x > 10
x > 10/40 = 1/4

Or 25% reduction. So it isn’t till 20% reduction that you actually have the HP beating the LP. And then after that the LP becomes more damaging again. So there is only one time the HP is the better version to use.

So in other words, use the LP version. The HP version is nice to train yourself to FADC into the Shaku, but it isn’t very practical in a real match.

Now as for Tatsu after a SRK. Each hit does 40 so even 3 hits is 120 which is still inferior to the Shaku. So you need to at least land 4 hits for it to be worth it.