3 in 1 buttons allowed in tournaments?

This is most relevant to SFIV, but applies to other fighting games that use multiple button inputs and have the option for shortcuts to them.

Is it generally ok to assign a button on one’s controller or stick to do something like PPP or KKK in a tournament? Is this generally frowned upon? Why do people care either way?

Just trying to get some perspective here. I went to a local tourney recently for SFIV, and I wasn’t allowed to use my stick because it had the 2 rows of 4 (with the last two buttons in each row being PPP and KKK respectively), and they told me I wasn’t allowed to use my stick becuase of the additional buttons.

My arcade stick is configured to automatically be in line with SFIV’s Arcade Stick: Type - A so its not like I requested extra time to configure my controller. In fact, I was faster than quite a few people in this regard because all I had to do was scroll to the default for Arcade Stick: Type - A and I was good to go.

What do other people think about this? Is this normal behavior at tournaments? Did I just get screwed because it was a grassroots tourney with weird rulesets (only 20 people showed up)?

Depends, not sure about EVO.

Last I checked that was a definite no no.

you can disable 3p/3k macros ingame. as far as rulesets though, even evo allows those macros for most (if not all) of its games. for some games, it can definitely give an unfair advantage, but it’s allowed due to pad players.

regarding your situation, i believe you got screwed over definitely…

That tournament was probably shit and ran by people that didn’t know what they were doing.

Button mapping has been okay even at evo for a good while now. Hell, the default control scheme for SFIV has 3 in 1 buttons and SF3:3s has had it, too(IIRC). There is nothing wrong with it if your stick has 8 buttons and 2 of those end up being that PPP and KKK shortcut. Most people actually don’t use it as it’s much easier to actually press KKK or PPP on the stick rather than that one button.

So far PPP and KKK mapped to one button hasn’t been banned from evo.

That’s pretty stupid if they said you couldn’t use a stick because it had 8 buttons on it. Imagine if they banned all the 8 button HRAP’s out there, tournies would have like 5 sticks total to go around for everybody.

Glad to hear that its generally acceptable! For some reason, I have a tough time hitting all 3 buttons at once, which is exactly why I had my SFIV stick made the way I did once I heard that there was going to be PPP and KKK shortcuts.

I figured that if the game allowed for it, then it should be allowed, since pretty much everyone can take advantage of it (play to win and all that jazz).

Thats the last time I go to a tournament in NH!

it depends from the tournaments, form my experience, some tournamenst allow you to map in one button the roman cancel, and the burst on GG, on others no, so it can depend

Just wanted to chip in and say that I support the use of macros 110%, and not just because I use them/play on pad. How can a feature be branded as cheating when/if both players are officially allowed to take advantage of it? Why disallow players with weaker execution (such as yours truly) from having more fun with a game (especially as they will probably be at at least a slight disadvantage even with the macros)?

Played fighting games since '92, L2/R2 for life. :rock:

Evo allows it. But the button mapping is frowned upon by many old school players. When Fanatiq got top 8 at Marvel with PP the hate was strong enough for him to change his controller in finals to a regular one.

Today almost everybody plays on console, so I guess umgogo’s point (both can do it) is valid.

i think for casuals why the fuck not.

when it comes to tournament play; the player with weaker execution should be weeded out…hence its a tournament of skill!!! meh… just imho.

I was in a GG tourney in MN and they tried to tell me I couldn’t use stick, apparently it allowed for some unfair advantages against dpad players. So I had to use a dpad, and they told me I could map cancels a trigger button which actually made FRCs kinda easier but overall I don’t think it had much of an impact on my performance. I suppose experience differs case to case, person to person but I don’t see anything wrong with it.

Hahah 3P3K, heck yeah Valaris. One button to press ALL THE BUTTONS. :rock:

Evo and most other console tourneys allow any possible in-game configuration (anything you can setup through the menu, “software macros”) but no hardware macros or enhancements… fancy multi-button custom wiring, special controller features like turbo and command playback, that kinda thing.

The rules on this really vary from tournament to tournament, though. I do believe there are some well-respected tourneys that disallow multibutton mapping even if the game allows it; depending on the game, this can put pad players at a huge disadvantage (like they don’t have it bad enough already :lol: ). But hey, some people say it’s bullshit that Boxer can charge his TAP with one finger and–while I don’t think it’s really that bad–I can’t say I disagree with them completely.

It’s really wack that they didn’t let you use your stick simply because it HAD two extra physical buttons. That’s some bullshit. I think most games would let you just disable them so they have no gameplay function.

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You should’ve told them that they were a disgrace to otaku everywhere and that their events would lose all credibility in Mother Nippon Land if anyone was to find out. Furthermore, the mere fact that they were using televisions and consoles instead of head-to-head candy cabs proves that they know nothing about true anime whatsoever.

If the fighter is an arcade port you should only have access to the buttons available in the arcade, end of fucking story. If pad players feel this puts them at a disadvantage they should
A: Buy a fighting game controller that has 6 buttons on the face.
B: Learn to use a joystick.

You shouldn’t get a handicap because you can’t play the game on the controller it was meant to be played on.

This is the way I feel. Before I got a stick I used to use a pad when I play 3s and ST. I never had any problem doing lariats and EX moves. I just had to adapt. Its not that hard.

Whats an arcade?

But anyway, console menus allow you to set buttons for a reason, that’s the way they were meant to be played, and that is the way they will be played (except at gamestop).

Hmmm… Now I’m torn between the two sides. Part of me wants to just suck it up and learn to play the game closest to “arcade perfect” standards. However, the other part of me is thinking that the people that ported the game from arcade put the extra command options in to make the game more accessible and that I should use the tools they’ve given me to their fullest.

Tough call really. Good input all around though. Thanks for keeping the discussion non-hostile thusfar.

I agree. If SF4 is supposed to be about the revival of the scene, telling the vast majority of newcomers that they can’t play the way the game was literally designed will undermine that goal.

I personally blame Ono for even making PPP or KKK such an integral part of the game, but whaddya gonna do.

Trust me, I’m taking full advantage of extra buttons.

Here’s how I’ve modded my stick (pictures to come soon):

I’ve got the standard 6 six button layout on the joystick, then separated out the remaining two buttons and made them into two foot pedal-type buttons. It’s insane the amount of things I can do with this setup.

I think the 8 button setups should be allowed after all the SF4 TE fightstick features it and most stick makers offer the layout