3 Kings of Capcom - Minneapolis, MN - 4/26/08 Results

Thanks to John Lo and the Denny Hecker’s staff for hosting the tournament. Here are the results:

Capcom vs SNK 2
1 Wes Truelson / lftrpllr
2 Martin Garcia / M.A.G.
3 Stefan Pfister / Shogun17
4 T.K.
5 Mike Medicinehorse / DigitalGypsy (Forfeited)
5 Tristan / djfaka
7 Marc / two2tone
7 John Lo / JohnLo
9 Cha / j1nsan
9 Tou
9 Tahir / TarkanX
9 Tonie
13 David
13 Torrie / Suzuki
13 Desmond Hollins / katraqueyous

Marvel vs Capcom 2
1 Martin Garcia / M.A.G.
2 Chris Lo
3 John Lo / JohnLo
4 Tristan / djfaka
5 Marc / two2tone
5 Chu

Street Fighter 3: Third Strike
1 Martin Garcia / M.A.G.
2 Tristan / djfaka
3 Wes Truelson / lftrpllr
4 John / !! Baka !!
5 T.K.
5 Marc / two2tone
7 Tahir / TarkanX
7 Stefan Pfister / Shogun17
9 John Lo / JohnLo
9 Desmond Hollins / katraqueyous
9 Torrie / Suzuki

Congrats to the winners! Martin, you’re a beast winning 2 trophies and getting 2nd in the other. Thanks to everyone who showed up. Too bad I didn’t get to get any Rock Band in. Maybe next time!


there’s the picture of all the people that stayed

Good Job MAG, Wes and Stefan! Wish I would’ve made it to this! Next time.

It was nice meeting Tristan (djfaka) and Motorhead!

Wes, you saved the day with your power cord and power strip!

Good games to Baka, and congrats Martin!


Good games to all you guys, you do a great job reppin’ MN. Yes. I JUST GOT HOME. Long drives suck. Martin good job with that chun, but I’ll get you next time.

Stefan, you must teach me some hoahmaru.

good shit to the winners!

gj wes. lucky for them ST wasnt around :slight_smile:

Wow, crazy results. I gotta redeem myself the next tournie >_<.

Ibuki, all the way.

GG’s to everyone, sorry I had to leave John, catching the bus, we felt bad cus we wanted to help then we just left right when you said lets clean up lol.

can you post up the brackets too? from the program

Sure, here are the brackets:

CvS2 Bracket
MvC2 Bracket
SF3:3S Bracket

Did you guys have this in a Toyota dealership or something?

yup fo shizzle

damn im looking ugly in the results…i have to redeem myself…i need more casuals…my girlfriend isnt very much comp…i vow to become a feared force in 3s and cvs2…lol…for the honor of the last general of nanto seiken…big ups to martin…he was on his “A” game…

check my unorthodox hip hop…and artwork here


peace…bigg ups to Katra Quey

hip hop culture will live forever like buddhism.

commercialized garbage radio brainwash “rap” is asinine…lol

martin cheated…lol

Good flow.


cvs2… big Mike… dropped out… RIGHT BEFORE THE CLASH WITH WES
monty python comes to mind. braaaave sir robin ran away… bravely ran away away… :slight_smile:

when do we get to see the vids? I particularly like the part where alex beasts chun li… and then I switched characters (bad move)