3 Kings of Capcom, Minneapolis, MN, 4/26/08

Saturday April 26th, 2008
-3 Kings of Capcom-hosted by The Sky-On Club

Starts @ Noon
Location: Denny Hecker Toyota Scion
1037 Highway 110
Inver Grove Heights, MN 55077

$5 Entry per Game
Pot is 60/25/15 + “$100” for each King of Capcom per title!!!
1st place in each game below also gets brag’n rights w/ the coolest trophy ever.

Event will have Free Food cause we be grill’n Yo!

All Capcom Games

  1. Street Fighter 3: Third Strike (PS2)

  2. Marvel vs Capcom 2 (DC)

  3. Capcom vs SNK 2 (PS2)

Rules: Double Eliminations, 2/3 rounds, Grand Finals 3/5 Rounds

Laundry List (aka Entry Form)


Street Fighter 3: Third Strike
7.TwoTone/Marc X/cali
8.!! BAKA !!/mn
10.M.A.G/Martin Garcia/mn
11.David Chang/mn

Marvel vs Capcom 2
2.Chris Lo/mn
4.M.AG/Marting Garcia/mn
5.Chue The Master/ Chue Vang/ mn

Capcom vs SNK 2
2.Cha Her/mn
3.Tony Yang/mn
7.TwoTone/Marc X/cali
10.M.A.G/Martin Garcia/mn
12.David Chang/mn

this post will constantly be edited

Sign me up for 3S and CvS2.

Also, is the extra $100 per game split between 1-3 place, or does it all go to 1st place?

all goes to 1st place. so $300 bucks split between the 3.

Sign me up for Cvs2, and 3S!



After all the tourneys are done with (or while they are going on) is it possible to just hang out and play causals in other games? When is the event ending?

Also, do you need tv’s, systems, and games?

Sign Me up for 3S and CVS2


hmm I wonder how muc it would cost for me to go there from winnipeg. This sounds like fun. I’m interested in making a trip down to this.

two2tone - Marc X - cali/mn
TK - TK - cali/mn

foreal, we just like to have fun man. i encourage you to come. bring some friends and family since we got free food.

remember to put me in 3s and tk in cvs2 too thanks!

After thinking it over for a second I’ve got something very important to attend to that weekend. So I’m out for this one. Perhaps sometime I’ll just randomly drop down to Minni sometime to meet and play some of you guys.

!! BAKA !!//mn (3s)

Who’s bringing the ROCK BAND game? I wouldnt mind rock’n and roll’n!!!

there’s room still left, right? sign me up for 3s and cvs2. though there is a chance i might not be able to show up due to a family matter.

bring the family then… we can play some rock band. ^^ jk.

i hope u can come!

i suck at rock band and those kind of games. when i say family matter, i actually mean that my great grandma may be passing away soon. i think also plan on signing up for the halo 3 thing with my brother.

LoL, Jon I meant I want to play CVS2 and MVC2 not 3S. LoL. I was like what?!

Ahem!!! :looney:

I think the one of the neo-geo guys brought rock band last time. I doubt the person that brought it will want to come through because of how soon the event is.

sorry. my bad dude.

i’ll go out and get rock band for us. get ready to rock and roll boiz.