3 minutes 30 seconds

Has anyone achieved it yet. I finally did yesterday after about a weeks worth of trying.

But if anyone has not done it and needs help in the matter. I’m here to help.

Each match you want to aim for about 30-40 seconds completion. (Note: This is to be on the safe side.) If you end each match with 39 seconds you will roughly hit 3:15. That leaves you 13 seconds to each character which is doable for some of the cast and a lil difficult on some.

I used Terry all the way through. Mainly because you want to trap the opponent in the Corner which Terry can easily do and has a strong corner combo.

The Basics:

Set the game to Easy (It’ll make life a lot easier.)

Now to the game:

Every match I did I started with j.HK, s.C, CD, qcb.C

This will get them in the corner if the Burning knuckle connects.

In the corner- j.HK, s.C, CD, qcb.D, (rising tackle b is optional.)

Just remember to delay the Crack shoot to get all 3 hits. Also depends on character too. IF the character so happens to quick stand. Do standing C instead.

If you want you can do a super instead of the burning knuckle if you want to throw on more damage.

Now onto Characters:

This is the basic difficulty of characters.

Kyo-Varies, Kyo tends to jab the air ALOT especially the starting of the match so be watchful. Also he use qcf.B and dp. A or C alot.

Ash- Is a breeze. You only have to worry about his projectile which is an easy jump over. He rarely or even so never does his somersault kick.

Iori- Iori can be a pain with his normals that can serve as an Anti air. (Usually occurs in later stages) But the good thing about Iori is if you figh him early on or even on later stages he will occassionally start with his command grab… which leaves him wide open. He may also be dodgy to so watch for his rolls.

Andy- Andy is a make or break. Just be wary of the super bar if he has it HE will do it. Also be wary of Shoryuudan.

Shen Woo- Varies his normals can be a pain, he can be dodgy. IF he has super and is knocked down… he will do it on wake up if you jump or stand even so short hop and punish after block.

Benimaru- He is generally easy. But Raikoken can be a pain to deal with so hope he doesnt do it.

Goro-… Goro he definitely will piss you off. Now I can’t stress enough about the auto guard on his command grab. That being said that is only one thing to wary of. Next would be his super. Which he will randomly do or even hit confirm. Goro may be the only one that you should be okay with to get 20 seconds on…

Terry- Yay you fight yourself. Just beware of Standing D and rolling. He rarely does specials let alone rising tackle.

Kim-Kim is a dodgy bastard. He will roll ALOT in the later stages. You’ll be lucky if he doesnt. Besides that he should be easy unless you does normals to AA you.

Athena- Pyscho shield. If you hate it already you can hate it more as she will literally do nothing but that if she jumps she will juggle you a little bit. So counteract that and be aware of the shield. … and I thought Athena spamming psycho ball was annoying enough.

Raiden. Easy. Just rush him down nothing to really be afraid of.

Ryo- Can be a pain with his Anti air. And occasional parries if he does one. Besides that nothing to worry about besides rolls.

Robert- Just rush him down he never does his AA much or any special move for that matter. He may roll.

Ralf- Ralf can be a bitch ONLY if he has meter or he does his autoguard punch. Besides that rush him down he will roll sometimes.

Clark- Same as Raiden but beware of his Dropkick. Air and Ground.

Leona- Can vary. depends on the Stage. just rush her down and hope she doesnt sweep you or land a CC.

Chin- Can be a bitch. His height is one thing and his rolls are another, If he has meter he will super. Don’t bother to delay Crack shoot.

Duo Lon- Generally easy he will roll occasionally tha tis about the only thing I can see as a Con against him…

Joe- Joe can be a bitch as much as Goro Daimon with his Tiger kick and rolls. He will sometimes do Tiger Kick beginning of the match. Just to warn you there.

Kensou- Can be a bitch with his normals even so to connect combos on you be wary of this just Rush him down and PRAY he doesnt do standing C alot or even CD.

Mature- Can vary just be wary of rolls and normals

Elisabeth- Is generally easy on the times I’ve fought her

Main concept- RUSH DOWN!You have little to no time to waste.

If you manage to get around 3:31-4:00 keep retrying (member select) and going through the stages. HOPE and PRAY to not get Goro Joe Ryo Terry Chin and Athena on a team on the last match. Especially if you have little time to spare otherwise hope nothing goes wrong.

AI rarely guards high then low. You just need a good damaging combo starting with a jumping attack, chaining into a low attack (most likely c.B) into good damage combo.

As long as you start over and over that very same combo during their reversal, they will hit the full damage or sometimes guard the 1st hit, but they will just stand there and die.

No need for “strategy per character” as long as you don’t let the AI escape the wake up combo.

Raiden / Leona seem the best choices since they do high damage and the whole combo takes only a few seconds to complete, unlike some other characters that use long-animation moves.

Did 3min20ish the 2nd time I tried for that trophee, with Raiden, it’s really easy.

3.12 with raiden. can be MUCH faster though.

Yeah I did with Terry since my team is Kyo Andy Terry. I did it in 3.27 cause I was getting frustrated a bit in some matches.

i didnt know i was on gamefaqs…

This is a King of Fighters thread… its more than able to be on here plus we all teach each others combos… so whats wrong with telling someone who to use in Arcade to beat the game in Under 3:30

its cause hes a comedian, hes looking for acknowledgement from other members. seems nobody likes his comedy though. probably cause hes :lame:.

I just did this with Leona. I think the main strategy is to just stay on top of your opponent. Time the wake ups right and they usually dont block or roll.

I did this with Leona’s j.C > cr.C > blue moon slash thing and was getting 8 secs per match.

Athena was a BITCH, spamming that shield all day.

I didn’t know I was on GameFaqs…

As for the shield, throw counters it. Unsure if that does damage quickly enough.