3 Months Premium For Best Stick Artwork Contest

If anyone can hook me up with a stick art for my new and FIRST ever stick, i would greatly appreciate it.

I’ll give 3 month premium to the one i choose if there is multiple participants. I’ll wait to next wednesday to decide which one i want!

The request is i would like this image of King(maybe flip it to the other side) and the sunoco logo. I would want the sunoco logo to have some variations.

I want the background to be mainly white but with some nice deviant artstyles (show examples or yeah dood 120%'s stick and the other i don’t know who’s.)

The box will be candy blue color with the buttons and stick being clear yellow (basically sunoco logo colors).

Basically i want a cool design with king looking to the right (so flip the image). I want my logo and u can use the Sunoco logo colors anyway you choose. Maybe use the red arrow? i don’t know, just throw out suggestions.

PLEASE hook me up with some badass artwork for my firs stick!



The 2 styles i really really like
yeah dood 120%'s stick




thanks in advance to anyone who tackles this.

i would help out but i needz a temp and a sunoco logo?

cool… i’ll get a template real soon.

edit - there was a hiccup in the order so i’ll let u know the actually size by tomorrow.

I’ve updated the first post because i’ve decided to go with Finkle’s stick and added a 3 month premium reward. It’s been paid for already and should be done in 3 weeks hopefully.

Here’s the template he gave me.

So the box is gonna be Candy Blue and the buttons the clear yellow seimitsu buttons.


^ ok so you want me to do like whatever i want with it or just the two images put in one?

i want u to do whatever!

BTW, is this wrong of me to make it into a contest?

gumz will win anyways :slight_smile:

in a way yeah but its all good what ever works to making ur stick look good

but im gunna try to do sumthing crazy looking for this and whens the deadline?



i made this for mister button mash

wow that’s nice.

Contest ends next wednesday when i get back from work (around 7pm EST).

I’m excited about this! hopefully more will enter.

edit- btw i won’t comment about any artwork until i choose.

Oh. . .I’m interested. . . .

As soon as I saw Ayumi Hamasaki, I already knew that was Yeah Dood’s. :tup:

Edit: I’d like to try too. I’m not familiar with how these are made however so if its like…“What the fuck is that!?” I apologize ahead of time. But hey…premium for 3 months is worth it. Hella worth my attempt.

nice…more entrants the better. Good luck folks!

btw, the buttons might be white instead of the yellow i was talking about. But either way it will be translucent. I don’t the color difference will change anything.

I’ll give it a shot, I guess.

ok so the buttons and stick will definitely be yellow but not translucent.

Me too.
I’m not familiar with making these, but I’ll give it a go.

anyone giving this a try? it’s 2 days away.

I’m still workin’ on it. The one I have so far is very, very bland. I’ll throw it up tonight when I get back from ‘la escuela.’

cool sasmasta

Edit: After staring at it…for a long while, I took it down. It’s really ‘lame.’ I need to put more stuff into it, namely the ‘stuff’ you requested. I’ll turn it back in when it’s filled with some ‘flair.’ Woo!

hahah np sasmasta…i didn’t even get to see it.