$3 MvC3 Tournament in Madison, WI 3/12/11 $1 Tekken and Soul Calibur also

Local Fighting game group in Madison WI is having a gathering/tournament this saturday, 3/12/11, at Happy Wok 17 Eastpark Ct Madison, WI 53718-2139. Happy Wok is a good local Chinese restaurant that IS NOT CHARGING A VENUE FEE. So, most of us get dinner there too. It is a pretty sweet deal.

Schedule and payouts:
5:00pm: Tekken 6 $1 70- 20-10
6:30pm: MvC3 ($3) 70-20-10
8:00pm: SC4 $1 70-20-10

This tournament is open to people of all skill levels. The low entry fee keeps people from feeling like they are wasting money by entering. There are still people in our community who are learning how to play and do combos. So, if you want to come learn how to play or come take all our money, then come on down.

All Tournaments are on PS3’s and controllers are not provided by the organizers (though some nice people let you barrow theirs). If you can, please bring a TV or PS3 to the event.

If you have any questions or are interested in coming, please post up!

This sounds fun, if you can make this a regular event I will definitely try to make it out.

It is a regular event, it’s just that jimmy was only posting it on facebook up until a week or 2 ago.

It’s pretty regular, 2-3 times a month. I will try to keep the people on this forum updated, since they are showing interest.

I am not sure this will effect your decision or not, but the weekend after this we ARE NOT having a tournament. I am going to the Cedar Rapids tournament that weekend.

This sounds right up my alley, I’m a super noob too! I will most likely be there, assuming I get over this awful cold by then. Should be a good time!

OMG I live 3 miles from this place! I’m def gonna be there.

I’m coming

I didn’t know there was a fighting game community in Madison… When is the next MvC3 tourney going down?

This was a lot of fun for my first tourney. I’m really surprised how many people in town play these games so well! I learned a ton, I need to get back to that lab.

Hey guys, is this event still happening? If so, please update when the next one’s happening!