3 new pics for the new year


I’ve been gone for awhile, but here’s some stuff I’ve been working on. Tell me what you think.


Another one…


And finally…


Great work I reallly like the ware-cheetah one. Are you planning on coloring these?


**I’d like to, but I suck at using painter.

I’m learning tutorials now though, so I’ll probably color them eventually.

I also want to get my own website so I can host my images without having to reduce their size. The larger images tend to look distorted when they get reduced by such a large margin.**


there all very nice but I really love the second one.:cool:


**Thanks, I’m glad you liked it. :slight_smile: **


nice pen work. i really dig the star wars one myself. i’d love to see some sequnetial work …


nice… like yakuza, I like the Star Wars one best. Palpatine looks especially good, Tyrannus (Dooku) is good too. I dunno who the girl is, but I think D.Maul looks a bit too buff around his feet.

oh yeah, welcome back! :slight_smile:


Loves the pictures, Likes the first one alot!!!