3 - Night EVO 2010 Training Booster!



Starting tonight, I have 3 days left of Evo practice until I leave for Evo 2010, and I would like to get the best possible practice I can from as many players on XBL as I can.

I need your help, Xbox Live-ers!

Please add my XBL, “Kid D Zaster” so that I can get the maximum amount of quality practice before I head off to beast under the Vegas lights.

I started this last night where I ran an Endless Eight room, and won 36 matches ended by my 4th fight with xCPx LIVE. At first I had a room full of amatuers with one good player. But as the randoms left, the good players continued to stay until it was back-to-back great matches!

My ONLY REQUEST is that the matches be 5 solid bars!
I live in NJ, so when before you add me remember that!

If those bars are flickering we can’t play!