3 on 3 Crew Battle (Brawl) - Oxnard, CA - June 14th

I. Each team will select a permanent order of players and their characters. Example: 1. Lucky (Sonic) 2. Mango (C. Falcon) 3. DSF (Marth)
-Permanent means that this order will remain the same throughout the entire tournament.
-Orders, names and characters will be submitted on index cards confidentially. Players will not be able to see the other team orders/rosters until after all of the team index cards have been submitted and the bracket has been established.
-Teams are NOT allowed to have more than one of the same character. All characters must be different.
II. Each match will follow a 1v1 knock-out style rule set.

  1. Team A Player 1 vs. Team B Player 1
  2. Loser is knocked out, winner plays next team member
  3. First team to knock out all three opposing team members wins the match.
    No items
    Double Elimination
    3 stock, 7 minute time limit
    Finals: 4 stock, 9 minute time limit
    Random Seeding
    All stages random neutral or player consensus
    Banned stages still banned

Neutral Stages
Final Destination
Lylat Cruise
Yoshi’s Island

Consensus-eligible Stages (Counterpicks)
Pokemon Stadium 1
Delfino Square
BattleShip Halberd
Rainbow Cruise
Bridge of Eldin
Frigate Orpheon
Green Greens
Luigi’s Mansion
Castle Seige
Shadow Moses

Banned Stages
Yoshi’s Island (melee)
Distant Planet
Mushroomy Kindom
Rumble Falls
Spear Pillar
New Pork City
Mario Bros.
Flat Zone 2
Green Hill Zone
Hyrule Temple (melee)
Bridge of Eldin
Onett (melee)
Shadow Moses Island
Corneria (melee)
Mario Circuit

Tournament will be located at "Caf on A / Rudy Acua Art Gallery"
438 S. A Street
Oxnard, CA 93030
(805) 487-8170 <----The Gallery’s # that we will be using on tournament day
Google Map
It’s right behind the movie theater, there’s parking in the back
Sign-ups and casuals start at 10:00 am
Tournament starts at 12:00 pm
Estimated to end around 6:00 pm

Places nearby:
Plaza Stadium Cinemas 14
Cold Stone Creamery
Starbucks Coffee
Thai Peru
Caf Escobar
5th Street Steak & Seafood

You’re all very welcome to bring as many Wiis, tvs, cubes and food you want. I won’t have any additional equipment for casuals during the tournament, so you guys are on your own with that. Whatever you decide to do, please be respectful of the art gallery. Throwing away your trash will be much appreciated. For those curious, we will not be serving tea or coffee as this place is now primarily an art gallery. We will probably be selling water, sodas, candy, etc.

IMPORTANT: I need Wiis and Brawls! I only have 2 for the tournament so far, and I will give free registration, drinks, chips and candy to the first 3 people to let me use their Wiis and Brawls for the entire duration of the tournament. I will compensate for the money lost in the pot for these 3 free entrants.

Other nitpicky rules and details you should know
[]There will be 5 tournament stations labelled 1-5
]Wiis will be reset 5 minutes prior to the start of the tournament regardless of any matches going on.
[] From the second the match is called, the first player of each team will have exactly 3 minutes to assemble at their station unless they speak with me beforehand. After 3 minutes, the match will be skipped, but if there are no other matches left in the round then the team will forfeit their match. I will have a stop watch for this.
]Please try to stick with your team during your matches and refrain from casuals during that time.
[]As a tournament organizer, it will be my job to enforce the rules. As an entrant, it will be your job to follow them. I will have several print-outs of the rules at the tournament, so if you get owned over some “bs” that you didn’t know about, you will not receive any accommodations. If there is ever an issue, talk to me or one of the tournament organizers before it’s too late!
]I am starting at 12:00 pm, 12:30 at the latest. If you come in 2 minutes late and I’ve already established the brackets, then you are out of luck. If you know you are going to be late then call and let us know at least 10 minutes before the start of the tournament.

1st: $60.00 + 60% of pot
2nd: $30.00 + 25% of pot
3rd: $15.00 + 15% of pot
Registration: $15 per team

In the event that 16 teams (48 players) enter:
Pot = 16 x 15 = $240.00
1st: $60.00 + (.6 x 240) = $204.00 ($68 per player)
2nd: $30.00 + (.25 x 240) = $90.00 ($30 per player)
3rd: $15.00 + (.15 x 240) = $51.00 ($17 per player)

If there are any issues with the rules, then present your argument in the thread and I will consider changing it. Hope to see you all there!