3 Punch / 3 Kick button


I cant get out of the habit for using this instead of 2 buttons for EX, and 3 for ultra.

Is this a bad habit or what? I just cant find a good way to hit all 3 buttons, or two.


If you wanna kick an old habit. Go into training mode and practice using 2 Buttons, 3 Buttons. Think about what you’re doing and what you want to do. And you’ll surely things will become second nature to you.


Are you playing on controller or stick? If its on controller, don’t worry. Just use the left shoulder buttons since they’re easier. I don’t think any good pad players pull ultras off the legit way on pad.

If you’re playing on stick then…that’s weird. Pressing all three punch/kick buttons is far easier then pressing those right-most buttons. Its really something that shouldn’t take more than a few hours of training mode to get used to.


I’m sure he’s on pad.

It’s perfectly fine to use them if it’s easier for you.


The problem I find with doing that is when you’re using any character with a teleport, the teleport may come out accidentally


On pad, whatever

On stick, just disable the buttons and the habit will be broken for you


Well I am a bit new but from my experience (PS3 Controller) I just try to mash the two inner buttons (square and triangle). It usually works for me but I never can pull off the three buttons pressing all hence the reason I save L1 for 3 punches.


if your on stick, turn the buttons off, or do what im doing and order new plexi glass that;; require me to totally remove those buttons haha. On pad, as has been said, its fine.


I’m using the TE stick.

What fingers do you guys use to hit EX and ultra?

Also, I’m worried i’ll messup on the timing and hit one of them before the other. How lenient is the game with the # of button hits?


I use my index, middle and ring finger to press all 3 punches at once to do an ultra. I have the 3 K and 3 P button disabled. And then press any two of the punches to get the EX version out, usually index and middle. I’m not sure if you’ve tried this or not but you should rarely, if ever, get the ultra out when you mean to only press 2 buttons for an EX.

You don’t have to use those fingers, you can just use whichever fingers feel natural and comfortable to you when you are executing moves. But since you’re using a stick you should just completely disable the 3 K and 3 P moves so you get into the habit of actually pressing 3 buttons so you know when you want to pull an ultra or an EX.


I use my middle and ring finger for EX moves, and add in my index for Ultras.


Use the 3k or 3p if you want. I’m not sure why people are frowning upon it in this thread.


Go to training mode, turn on show inputs and see.


I always press 3 buttons for EX in 3s to make sure I get it.


We’re not really frowning upon it, at least I’m not but he wanted to know if it was a bad habit and that he couldn’t find a way to hit 2/3 buttons. So I just mentioned that he should disable the 3K and 3P buttons and try manually pressing the 3 punches with 3 fingers and how I hold it so he could try it out and see if it works.


Yeah, for me I just turned off the buttons to resist temptation. You get used to it soon enough.


Nothing’s wrong with it, execution wise it’s an assured way to hit your ex without anything going wrong, if teleport comes out then you can just do a cleaner motion/add up at the end depending on the character. I believe even Daigo uses the 3K/P buttons with EXs since it’s all about having as much execution as possible as was seen in one of his latest Hands video verse Ryan Hart or some UK/Euro player??


How do you mess up pressing two/three buttons. And even if Daigo does it, who cares?


Play more. Play more OFFLINE.

If you feel like the pad isn’t working for you, play using a stick. It’s what it was designed for after all.


It seems a bit elitist IMO. Oh look, we’re real SF players because we use 6 buttons like the sf2 arcade days.