3 questions about Dudley

I know probably a few of them are answered. but I cant find them… anyways.

  1. How do you do the counter? say someone does a jab at you how do you counter it?
  2. I finished his trials, how can I get the sketch work around the character? I saw a Ryu I fought have a different drawing style on his character… same alternate costume as me but different style drawing
  3. What is that move when dudley puts his hands down and says something? its like a taunt but I dont know what it is, and how to do it… i end up doing it randomly at times… i can also EX it.

I know these have probably been answered but I cant find it… so plz be easy on me… thanks!!

The answer to #1 is actually your #3 question… (HCB + P is your counter)

The “sketch” art color is a bonus for those who had a SF4 save on their system.

i have the sf4 save on my system, how do I get the bonus? thanks, what is HCB + P? obv P is punch, but what is HCB?

HCB = Half Circle Back on your stick/pad, starting at forward, to down forward, down, down back, ending at back + any punch (2 punch for EX)

And if you had a SF4 save on your system the “bonus” colors are number 11 and 12.

It should be colors #11 and #12 when you go to choose a character. When you first booted SSF4 it should of said you got two new costumes.

I swear the Dudley section will have the most threads of all the characters.

You should make a thread about that… ;p

Lol, now that you said it, I bet someone will.

if people would actually take the time to post in the Q&A thread this wouldn’t be a problem. Random threads that will be closed within a couple days with stupid questions that have either been answered already.