3 Quick Noob-questions!


So I’m new to this game and have a few questions. I will watch the video tutorials later (already watched VesperArcades tutorials!)

  1. What’s cr.MK?

  2. On wakeup, what attacks do have priority? If you are waking up and doing an ultra/super/EX/other stuff, are you still being grabbed if your opponent does a grab? Or how does this work?

  3. I just played a Zangief, and he did this grab, it looked a little bit special though, I don’t think it was the normal LK/LP-grab, and I tried to countergrab him but it didn’t work, is this possible on grabs that aren’t really LK/LP-grabs? And I’m also wondering why it damages you 1/4 of your total health when it costs no EX/Ultra-meter, how is that balanced? Are you supposed to keep Zangief on a distance?

I play Sakura btw, thanks for your help!

  1. Crouching medium kick. A lot of these acronyms are explained if you look through the stickied posts on this forum.

  2. It depends on the attack. Some moves have some invincibility, so they’re able to beat out other moves. Ryu’s and Ken’s dragon punch is an example of this. Other moves, like grabs, can beat out certain normal moves. So if you do a wake-up command grab with Zangief, he will beat you.

  3. Zangief, and other grapplers like him, have special command grabs. You cannot tech throw out of them, you’re only way of avoiding it is to jump, or backdash, or do an attack with invincibility, or do an airborn attack (like a dragon punch). Zangief has very limited options to do damage, but one of those ways is a grab that does a lot of damage. The variety of characters have different playstyles. Zangief trades his inability to fight at a distance, for insane damage potential up close. It’s extremely balanced, otherwise nobody would play him or other grapplers. And yes, if he can do insane amounts of damage at close range, you need to find ways to land damage on him without getting too close. As Sakura you can do this with basic pokes, and anti-air his jump-ins, but you’ll have to learn to use your normal movesets to keep him at bay.

I highly suggest you read through all of the posts at the top of the forum of this “newbie” section. Also, be sure to read up on Sakura-specific help and guides on their sub-forum as well.


Thanks for your answers, I appreciate it! :slight_smile: And yes, I will read more about Sakura.

But one thing feels pretty strange to me: If Zangief’s special command grab counters grabs (and normal attacks?) and his LP/LK-grab obviously counters your normal attacks, is there any way to wake up safely against him except for doing a dragon punch? Seems kinda risky to me, is it possible to jump back and escape from him no matter what attack he does?


Unfortunately there’s no guaranteed safe option on your wake-up if he has you down on the ground. This is part of the matchup. Zangief wants to knock you down and make you guess your way out, and you want to stay on your feet and poke him to death. Remember that your backdash has some frames of invulnerability as well, so you’re able to backdash as soon as you get up. Zangief has ways to beat this, of course, but that would be a safe option. The best option is probably EX shoryuken, and FADC to safety if he blocks, but that’s some more advanced techniques you can worry about later, and also costs 3 bars of meter.

You can attempt to jump back, but if he throws out a normal move, or does a jumping attack, you’ll get beat.


Awesome. FADC = cancelled Focus Attack?


Focus attack dash cancel. It’s where you cancel a move into a focus attack, and then cancel that focus attack into a dash. It’s usually used to extend combos, or perform ultra combos, or safely dash back out of a bad situation.