3 stained blanks left 4/09 --- updated on shipping

All are for For Sanwa JLF, 8 button layout, with 2 system buttons on the right side. Complete with artwork bottom panel, rubber feet, and joystick mounting nuts/bolts.

-hard maple stained **wild berry (purple) $80 shipped **

  • hard maple stained green bayou, $80 shipped

  • poplar stained white **$65 shipped ** This one is quite a bit cheaper because it’s poplar it’s got minor craftsmanship errors. I didnt really like the white stain too much, didnt come out like what i expected. And the plexiglass is slight smaller than the face so there’s like a 1mm gap all around. Other than that, it’s a great case.




completed stick WITHOUT PCB, everything is done you just have to install your own PCB. All brand new never used with bottom panel and rubber feet. Sanwa JLF stick with Seimitsu buttons. two 24mm system buttons on the right side. $115 shipped



Im interested in the second case if I could get a 6 button plexi so I can cover up those far right buttons.

let me knwo


Can A fanta be mounted in either of these cases?

Hey man why don’t you send me my fucking blank instead
of selling shit to other people.

Ok just PM me with a price for the blank plus 6 buttons plexi.
I would take the 2nd one listed here (the one without wood conditioner, and the blotchy appearance.)

PM me, i wont bother messaging you since it will likey get lost in the torrent of messages you are likely recieving right now

Go check out my other new thread on what im offering you guys. I’ll have yours shipped out sometime this week. I just need $$ for a computer.



bump cuzzzzzz price drop on PS3 stick. $160 shipped for PS3 STICK, and $120 shipped for the Ninja PCB-less stick… need to buy a computer. help me out ya’ll…

What are the dimensions for the 2 blank cases?


Ditto. Cases are really nice

im interested in 65 blank but ill pay half first and rest when it arrives cuz of ur trusting issues :smiley:

does it come with plexis?

cases are 2.5" by 14" by 10". Plenty of room for dual mods.

Well, I dont think I want to ship to Puerto Rico anyways.

man do u live in africa or something? puerto rico is same shipping or cheaper than other us states. but ok whatever

I didnt know. Cuz i shipped to Hawaii once and it was a grip more since it was overseas. If you still want it, we can do half now half later. If shipping is more than $15, then you gotta cover the additional.

bump. got all these people PMing with interests, but falling through the window.

ry I got wrapped up into another project.
Didnt wanna cluter you with mail.
sorry and GL on the sales

SWEETENED UP the deal, FREE primered MDF blanks with purchase. just pay additional shipping, $10.


I’d buy a blank if i didnt have too many sticks already… also currently i might be planning a 2player stick.

good luck with the sale though!

last case on the list sold! payment sent thanks man!!