3 Strikes but I'm not out yet!


Hey Peeps

I’ve been waiting for someone else to take the plunge and start this thread and I’m amazed that it hasn’t happened yet - at least not that I’ve seen. Well, here goes nothing…

So I play SSF4 and AE, both of which taught me how to use my first ever fightstick, but nothing could have prepared me for SF3 Third Strike. I’ve heard that the inputs are lenient in SF4 but the difference is absolutely riddiculous! I spent over an hour trying to do Ryu’s SA3 on the P1 side and managed to pull it off exactly 2 times! I main Ryu in AE and do all his bnb’s, super combos and FADC combos and now I feel worse than when I attempted my first hado with the fighstick in SSF4. Before you get the wrong impression I’m absolutely addicted to trying to master this game. The masochist in me wont let me walk away from this which is what kept me going in the darker days of nailing 1-frame links and the dreaded dp-fadc-ultra. But what is it about the way this game registers inputs which makes it so difficult?

I know the drill by now - do reps on both sides etc - but without an input display I’m often at an odds as to what adjustments need to be made. ie I cant physically see where I’m going wrong! I noticed when trying to do Ryu’s SA3 - 2xqcf + punch for those very few that are wondering - sometimes I get a crouching hp. Okay so I can work out that I’ve ended in the df motion with this one, and yet on the P2 side I noticed you can blatantly end in a df position and still get the super out! Another weird quirk I found just today is that almost 100% of the time if I do an actual fireball so that it comes out, I can do a quick down to down-forward flick and hit punch to ALWAYS get the super. Without doing it this way with the initial fireball it just doesn’t come out at all. Surely this isn’t normal, is it? I can cancel into his specials and perform each one consistently - all except his joudan kick - but a raw SA3 is proving crazy elusive.

Another trick I do in training mode , as I can consistently fireball, is shoot off hados closer and closer in succession until I get the odd super but I fear this may not be the best way to approach this.

I’ve always been interested in SF3 but must have admit I’ve been more than a little intimidated by how technical it looks. Since getting into SF4 I’ve grown in confidence and in what I thought was technical ability but SF3 it seems is a demanding and cruel mistress. Any advice from the vets on this site about the points I’ve raised and any knowledge you can lay down about getting to grips with this game would be greatly appreciated. I hope to make it outside of the training room more this time round!





Watch those C-Royd videos. They’re really good.


If SF4 wasn’t so shitty, you wouldn’t be having this problem. Pretty much what Antman said, you’re gonna have to keep working at that training mode. The game doesn’t have daunting execution to do basic things. Keep working at it and make sure you finish your motions properly.


Thanks for the advice fellas. Back to the execution drawing board…


You need a training music as well my friend!
May I suggest some tracks?
South Park Montage!

The Best Around!

Hearts on Fire!


Thanks for the inspiration DanDan! Music is a must when hitting that grindstone!



i remember when people used to say 3s had lenient inputs…


So lazy to just say “lols just practice” so I’ll at least try to make an effort and give some quick notes on things I’ve learned so far.

The super shortcut was messing me up too. Apparently in this game you can leave out the last f input of the 2x qcf so it is:
d, df, f, d, df + button and the super will come out.
Basically like in SF4 except in 3s it is the second qcf where you leave out a f input.
Damn shortcuts… >_>

Anyway I’m sort of on the same boat. I’m doing everyones trials and playng a bunch of games. Right now I’m just trying to understand the flow of the match and get a feel for how moves/combos/hits/blocking feels.

Need to start learning what my options are at any given moment so that I can respond to every situation. This I can only learn in real games.

Besides those things you also got your char bnbs, punisher combo, meter building normal, kara moves, and ways of landing super. I’m learning very quickly that this game’s all about landing your super. Whereas in SF4 ultras were nice but it really depended on your char.

Learning that, in general, you can throw away all prior knowledge of zoning and strategy as this game seems to be all about mixups. So it is like Maximillian said in his video: you have to be random as hell. That is a huge plus in this game apparently.

Execution-wise this game forces you to use the neutral stick position. SF4 never had this. Just remember that if you’re not getting your combo, try going to neutral before moving to your next input. This messed me up in the Elena trials.

Execution things I’m working on now if anyone’s got tips:

Why is it that if I do ken’s target combo into a fireball why the fireball that was cancelled into doesn’t combo but when I do a naked fiercexxfb it does combo.

Makoto fierce xx sa2 sometimes doesnt connect? or should it always connect if done properly no matter what?

Parrying supers: seems like you gotta input the f at or before the super flash?

All in all it’s been very fun learning this game so far. Looking forward to getting decent at it.
My $0.02 :confused:

Edit: dont remember if cursing is sllowed here


Thanks for the info Omnipotent. You’ve given me much to consider.



Just a lil heads up I know its not directly related but me and some friends made a lil podcast for people switching from the 4 series to 3s


Covers quite a bit more than execution, but hopefully it could be of some help!