3 taunts

What is this business I hear about doing 3 taunts and turning into god tier

go into versus mode, Q vs Hugo, get 3 taunts then have Hugo do his Gigas, look at the damage.

Hardly makes him Top Tier but does make him much much stronger.

While 3 taunts doesn’t place Q in the “god tier” it does help make him a bit more playable.

You see with each taunt Q’s stamina receive’s a boost. Come the 3rd taunt Q literally maxes out his stamina, thus giving him some of the highest stamina found in the game.

To give you an idea as to how big of a difference it makes I’ll let the numbers do the talking:

Hugo vs. Q (No taunts.)
Giga’s Breaker = 81 points of damage.

Hugo vs. Q (3 taunts.)
Giga’s Breaker = 49 points of damage.


Fo sho’