3 things

Been no threads for a while.

First - forced roll cross up - midscreen - using drones.
d+Lp and drones,d+mp, Hk, sj fast lk , Hp - drones hit otg, Bonerine can then dash and cross up.

second - launch, sj lk, mk, downwards drill claw (can do up as well on some characters), opponent bounces u/b, FS - still in air LK, pause air throw.
This seems to only work when Bonerine is on the left side of screen.

third - found this out months ago but it was something I was gonna save for if I ever did a combo vid.

Combing a tag in with sent (or magneto, etc…)
On some characters Bonerine(and wolverine) can combo d+Mp, d+Hp - after the d+Hp he ends up on the opposite side - in the corner he can combo a tag in after the d+Hp - cos he ends up with his back to the wall the tag in hits quicker.

So on Tron in the corner - Bonerine can do d+Mp, d+Hp, tag in sent combo d+Lp, d+HP RP xx HSF.

TRon is probably the easiest to do it on - works on collosus too. Works on alot of smaller characters too but sometimes the d+HP doesn’t combo - depends on how close you are. D+Hk works as well instead of d+HP.

Doesn’t work on sent or cable (can’t get D+MP, d+HP to combo on him).
Doesn’t work on JUgg, or BH either.

Also sometimes when you tag in he tags in from the side he did the d+Mp from so it doesn’t combo. Big drawback.

Lastly you can do it midscreen provided when you do the D+HP Bonerine is on the edge of the screen.

Not really useful for matches - something to mess about in training mode.