<3 UAS Roll thread- no matter how much i scrub the blood stains wont come out!

she got buffed alot from the last version, most importantly she can combo into her launcher now without baroque or assist and that she can easily do any air combo into OTG super midscreen. her airdash is faster aswell.

only nerf is that she lost an instant overhead.

she is really strong air to air and with the right partner this can lead into big damage, 6B overhead is good and combos into supers, and with certain partners or against certain characters she has instant overheads, giving her a dangerous mixup game. but she is meter dependent as her best options for damage require a dhc but as a trade off ANY random hit can lead into this. she is fast in the air and can run away well. her assist is also amazing and gives characters unblockables while combing overhead moves with her low hitting puddle.

she used to require yatterman, cashern, or tekkaman to be able to fight with stronger characters but with her comboable launcher she immediately was buffed, so though these characters are still her best partners she can work with alot more characters now. also karas is weaker.

Combo notes:

you should try and get a charge at any chance you get, unless you are being tricky or want to go for mixups instead.

otg turbo roll sweep is unsafe so if you use it either kill them, dhc or plan to megacrash/ due to this yatterman and cashern with their otg supers are good partners for roll, aswell as zero and saki since they can do their power up supers.
tekkaman is also good with her.

for a further away knockdown that leads into a charge, roll swing can be substituted for j.c in any of these combos.

off of a charged roll swing going into healing super is also an option and in some cases you can dhc to do damage. off of a non charged roll swing you can also do healing into certain super just to remain safe and get a healing.

to add baroque to any ground combo just do
2a5b2b5c bbq 5b2b5c3c into air combo

2a5b2b5c3c j.b j.b ^ j.b j.b j.c turbo roll sweep.
2a2b2c turbo roll sweep.

for use at a specific distance from the corner only.
2a5b2b5c3c j.b j.b ^ j.b j.b, b roll swing, bbq, air dash j.c, turbo roll sweep

air to air
j.a, j.c land turbo roll sweep.
IAD j.c land turbo roll sweep.
j.a jump back j.b j.c land turbo roll sweep.

w/ charge
2a5b2b5c3c j.b j.b ^ j.b j.b roll swing, dash 3c j.b j.b ^ j.b j.b j.c turbo roll sweep.
2a2b2c roll sweep, turbo roll sweep.

air to air
j.a ^ j.b j.b roll swing, dash 3c j.b j.b ^ j.b j.b j.c turbo roll sweep.

roll specific stuff:

she has low health.

she is short so some normal combos will not work on her.

roll’s ground dash has startup lag so its weaker than most but it gives her momentum.

rolls IAD moves are really hard to combo from.
these 2 mean it is hard to get damage in with her.

roll can short hop.

iad immediately C immediately up cancel. you shouldn’t even be able to see the startup of the airdash. kinda works like morrigans instant overhead where you press the button before the up cancel. notation would be jump a+b+c J.C than immidiatly 7.

Roll can air dash instantly across the screen

you do jump a+b+c, wait a bit a+b+c immidialty up and press any attack button and mid screen you can go from beigning as far away from the opponent as possible to as far as possible the other way.
it seems that the boost gives her momentum each time and when you do 2 on the same plane it compounds.

ill add stuff as its discovered as well as moveset info.

Fuck yeah, let’s get this party started.

I haven’t spent a lot of time on her. Been using Ken and Ryu as of late. I’ll be sure to check Roll out next! Roll/Casshern here we go! :slight_smile:

I was able to launch then** j.a**,jb,jb, ^ ,jb,jb, jc, Turbo sweep

Wait, 6B is gone?

no, i belive the OP is talking about j.a being able to hit immediately after a jump, which acts like a overhead

she lost her
j.a qcf a bbq j.c super.

which is something only practical with yattterman anyway.

just doing j.b’s does more damge. it works

i do j.b j.b immidiatly after launcher to get it to work.

answering some questions from other threads

uses of baroque for her.

5c for combos.
6b into 2b for a REALLY fast high low that you can combo from.

roll swing when your at that stupid distance from the corner to not be able to land and super after an air combo.

water bucket to try and unblockable them on tagin with a jump in move w/ puddle. probubly not worth it without meter and dhc. ill try and test stuff since i just thought of this now.

if you baroque an instant overhead j.a or j.b it keeps you at a lower height and with an assist you might be able to combo off of the j.c that you can land after a baroqued j.b.

thats about all i can think off unless you messup and just want to baroque to keep yourself safe.

unblockable combo on tag in with roll assist. as i stated in the first post her puddle hits low and when combined with an overhead like a jump in you get an unblockable. easist setup is obviously when your oppenents partner is tagged in after their point is killed.

finally got this game! i was huge fan of the old one and mained roll/cash, but seeing as cash now lacks his dive kick shenanigans i’m off to find a new partner for roll, but first and foremost, i have something very interesting to share

i was messing around in training mode with the opponent in the corner and i managed to aircombo ending with :qcf::snkc:, then hit them with j.:snkb: RIGHT before they landed and was able to RELAUNCH. this might turn into a roll infinite, but this will need more testing to be sure

as for partners, my next favorite after cash was yatterman1 so i tested to see any new options that were available to them in the new game

everything seems to be the same, but i fould that yatter’s eternally useless assist can be comboed into from a basic ground combo -> :qcf::snkb: or :qcf::snkc:, but i cant figure out how to combo anything after that

also, i was able to make some cool roll/v.joe combos that utilize joe’s slow :qcf::snka::snkb::snkc:. i’ll post them in the joe thread as well.

(all as joe w/ roll assist)
:snka:,:snkb:,:d::snkb:,:snkc:,:snkd:,:qcf: :snka:,:qcf::snka::snkb::snkc: (the following is optional) (wait until JUST after wallbounce) DHC :l::r::snka::snkb::snkc:

remember that doing the DHC part will make this unsafe on hit because of the nature of roll’s sweep super UNLESS you are close to (but not TOO close to) a corner when you use the DHC. if you’re in the right spot, roll will juggle them successfully and hit them with the last hit (making it safe), meaning you can link on another turbo roll sweep if you want (though keep in mind that doing so would make it unsafe again)

this is really interesting. everyone should start testing this to be sure.

i was just messing around with:

(corner) 3c, j.b j.b, 236B…fall… j.b at the last second 3c again. i’ve only been able to successfully combo off from it once, but if you can loop it once i see no reason why this can’t turn into an infinite

edit: messing with this some more. the timing to land 3c after falling j.b is extremely precise. so what i’ve been playing with is:

blah blah… fall… j.b LAND j.b, double jump, j.b 236A. all of this combos however i think Roll is too low off the ground at this point to fall with another j.b. i also did the A version because you have to be much higher to do the B or C version and have enough recovery to throw out the j.b.

Okay, this works:

(Corner) 3c, j.A j.A, dj, j.b 623C

If you start the j.A early, you should be at the perfect range where mashing B will hit your opponent at the last second. Still it’s better time the B hit.

So to continue:

Fall… j.b, 3c… then this where we have a slight problem.

When you 3c at this level, your opponent flies higher than previous since they’re being launched from the air. If you do the loop combo again your opponent will fall before you = no more infinte so I’m thinking you may have to change the combo in order to continue to loop. Simply put, I’m looking for the variation air combo that allows roll to hit 623C and fall before her opponent.

More later.

Ugh, I can’t seem to figure out how to get the 3rd relaunch.

So Roll’s new (stronger) corner combo =

2A 5B 2B 5C 3C… j.A j.A j.B 236C (fall)… j.B 3C… j.A j.A j.B [dj] j.B j.B j.C (fall)… C Roll Sweep xx Super Turbo Sweep

27,000 corner combo. It builds almost exactly one bar so if you’re empty in the beginning of the combo, you’ll have a full bar by the end of the combo.

Again, if someone can figure out how to relaunch for the 3rd, 4th or hopefully infinite time let us know.

cool nice to see actual notation for it . i heard someone talking about that kind of relaunch in irc a few days ago, it wont infinite because hitstun scales. so without a major glitch there wont be any infinite’s in this game.

I’m on a “Roll” tonight. Pun intended.

So I’m messing with Roll in the corner and I’m discovering a LOT of things:

1.) 236B and 236C will always force a character to OTG. I tested this by going really high, tagging to Roll, and using both. This is important.

2.) Roll with BBQ makes a lot of things interesting. Mainly, by BBQ’ing her 236C she is able to reach the ground in time to do several things:

  • Relaunch with 5B 3C
  • OTG Sweeps or Supers, but the biggest thing
  • 5B to Super Turbo Sweep (with the last part of the broom hitting!). This means you can follow up with ANOTHER Super Turbo Sweep.
  • Switching to Roll during Aerial Raves becomes a lot more viable since they can lead to non-OTG Super Turbo Sweeps and/or relaunches.

The reason why this happens is because the 236C and B force OTGs. The reason why this is awesome is because Roll can force a 3rd launch from the previous combo I mentioned OR she can 5B to Super Turbo Sweep which can lead to another Super Turbo Sweep or can be DHC’ed with LOTS of characters making her partner choice increase.

So new corner combo with 10% BBQ:

2A 5B 2B 5C 3C… j.A j.A j.B 623C (fall)… j.B 3C… j.A j.A j.B [dj] j.B 236C BBQ xx (fall)… here you have two options

1.) … 5B xx Super Turbo Sweep xx Super Turbo Sweep (31,000 million)
2.) … 5B 3C… j.A j.A j.B, [dj] j.B, j.B j.C… (fall) C Turbo Sweep xx Super Turbo Sweep

This doesn’t even count for how much more damage she can tack on to those with really good DHC partners.

The only downfall is that relaunching = more airtime = megacrash opportunities. So you’re going to have to pay attention and know when end a combo with an OTG so tack on the most damage.

disregard what used to be here (completely forgot about tech roll for some reason)

i did find something though, but it’s not really a true unblockable (but it can be)

(as roll with zero assist)
(corner only)
:d::snka:,:d::snkb:,:d::snkc:,:snkd:,wait a short moment,:dp::snka:,wait another short moment,:r::snkb:

this will have zero juggle them in the air and they will land on the puddle right as you overhead them

if they get hit by the overhead, the only followup that I know of is her charge super

if they get hit by the puddle, i think you can otg them with roll sweep or charge super (if you’re fast enough you can juggle them with those instead)

it’s not really an unblockable because the opponent has about a half a second while they’re falling after zero juggles them to do whatever they want

now, if you want this to become a true unblockable, you have to baroque the bucket, then jump and hit them with your j.:snkc: out of zero’s assist. they will fall and hit the ground resulting in a fast recover animation, which will place them right on the puddle and right below your overhead

so basically it would look like this:

(roll with zero assist)
(corner only)
:d::snka:,:d::snkb:,:d::snkc:,:snkd:,:dp::snka:, baroque,:u:,j.:snkc:,land,:r::snkb:

not really a zero player does charge shot knockdown if so it wouldn’t work since they can tech roll.
i say this because i can’t imagine any solely ground combos resetting them just as to get them out of the way of splash but still allow the puddle to hit, without some REALLY precise spacing.

I’d like to see this, if you could post a video of yourself doing it. I’ve been trying it in training, but I must be missing something b/c I can’t string it all together. Either I’m missing something, or I suck. Probably the latter :P.

i found some very useful combos that set the opponent up for an air throw

the air throw damaged is unscaled and the throw itself is unblockable, which makes it very useful to tack onto a combo when possible.

(just a quick note, i’ve only tested these on ryu so far, but im sure that you can apply minor tweaks to them to work against any character)
a good way to get an air throw on someone as roll is to launch the opponent, follow up with a standard :snka:,:snka:,:snkb:,:snkb: air combo except hold forward (up-forward or down-forward will work too) during the whole thing, then double jump up/forward and hit them with :snka:. after that let them fall. they are now reset and you can easily grab them on the way down. note that you have to execute the attacks and the double jump in very quick succession or roll will jump to the other side of her opponent after the last :snka:, ruining any chance for an air throw.

example combo:
(as roll, anywhere on the screen)
:snka:,:snkb:,:d::snkb:,:snkc:,:df::snkc:,pursuit (:uf:),:snka:,:snka:,:snkb:,:snkb:,:uf:,:snka:, wait,:l::snkc: or :r::snkc:

that combo usually only works when you launch a grounded opponent. if you launch an opponent who is already airborne, you sometimes have to replace the last :snka: with a :snkb:

an example to illustrate this (this combo actually managed to take off more than 50% of ryu’s lifebar):
(as roll with charge, anywhere on the screen)
:snka:,:snkb:,:d::snkb:,:snkc:,:df::snkc:,pursuit (:uf:),:snka:,:snka:,:snkb:,:snkb:,:qcf::snkc:,land,(dash towards opponent if necessary),:df::snkc:,(pursuit) :uf:,:snka:,:snka:,:snkb:,:snkb:,:uf:,:snkb:, wait,:l::snkc: or :r::snkc:

I noticed something while testing these combos out, and i’m not sure it has been posted before so i’ll just say it just in case it hasn’t: it seems that air throws do more damage the higher up you are when you throw the opponent. I got circa 6k billion near the ground and up to 8k billion at the peak of a super jump.

also, i can confirm that the combos that InfernoOmni posted work just fine
roll doing 30K billion+ damage on her own and without a charge = very yes!.

Sweet, I thought the double launch would be insanely hard, but it’s quite easy…

I find that launch, aab 236C is easier than abb236c because roll is lower and it’s easier to hit the last b -> relaunch

and abb236c , the 236c doesn’t always connect.

What’s the best way to end after the relaunch (and I mean without BBQs for the 3rd relaunch/turbos)?

so far I’ve just been doing LMMH.

Man, Roll is a whole lot better when she can combo into launcher. If only her Ground dash didn’t have such horrendous startup, though.
I’m going to practice the Roll Swing -> Bounce relaunch combos, they look absolutely boss.