**** 3 v 3 Teams Tournament! Alex's Arcade! Aug 14th! Santa Ana, CA! ****

Big 3 v 3 Teams Tournament at Alex Arcade!!! It’s been awhile… but we’ve brought back the 3v3!!! This time with a bigger entry fee for a bigger pot… which means bigger stakes and more players will show up!!

We will be running two set ups to make this go by fast and PLEASE BYOC! BRING YOUR OWN ARCADE STICK AND/OR CONTROLLER PAD. Do NOT expect that others will let you use an arcade stick.

**Registration: Walk-In Only
Time: Sign ups @ 12:30 PM, Tournament starts @ 1:15 PM
Location: 626 S Harbor Blvd
Santa Ana, CA 92704

Entry: $30/team = $8/person for pot + $2/person for venue fee which is $10/person.**


  • Double Elimination (Winners/Losers Bracket)

  • No Same Character Teams allowed

  • Pokemon Style (Last Man Standing)

  • No Change of Character allowed (stick with the character you used at first)

  • Ultra Changes allowed at any time

  • Matches will be best out of 1 set

  • Winners Finals, Losers Finals, and Grand Finals will be best 2/3 sets. Losing team may reverse order after losing.

  • 12 Team Cap (36 Players)

  • Pot will be awarded to 1st and 2nd place. 70/30 Split. (Sorry 3rd place doesn’t get anything this time)

Hosted by Duy Nguyen & Andrew Strife

Hope to see a lot of people make it out! Teams tourneys always max out! Get Hype!!

Remember Alex’s Arcade has a bunch of arcade games to offer while you wait!!!

Oh and If I missed anything or if you have any questions… please feel free to post! :rock:

It’s a 3v3.

12 Teams = 36 players


Damn you and your early start time. I don’t get off work until 2PM!

I know… it was a copy and paste job… I rushed it.

@Dan: who knows… we might push it back an hour.

cap it at 16 teams since its gonna be like that in the bracket anyways

I’ll extend the cap if that many teams show up. that’s 48 people.

I need teammates D:
If you’re looking for a “I don’t care if you can wake up DP I’m going to dive kick you anyway” rush down player let me know :3 LOL

anyone want to team up with me and hugo 101???

anyone want to team up with me and hugo 102???

strife, i know you don’t expect people to arrive on time, but don’t push the scheduled start time back. keep it there and start mildly late. im tired of arriving early and waiting 2 hours and not starting because “somebody is supposed to be here by now” :china:

who is hugo102? krayzie bone? lol…

who is hugo102? krayzie bone? lol…

I’m still in need of teammates :[
I play Cammy if anyone is interested or I’ll have to hurry and find 2 people D:

lol… whos tourneys are you going to??? oh yeah A.I. Ranbats used to start hella late lol. I remember the two times i went, I had to wait an hour and half for it start. It’s cool cuz if I’m not there… Duy will be there this time… last 2 tourneys I ran them by myself. We usually start like 15-20 minutes after the initial time so no worries about waiting or anything. I just start the shit… giving ppl an extra 15 minute window is pretty good already.

@Kit: post in the UCI thread, I’m sure ppl need teammates there. if not, i’ll try to find a team for you or something.

weekend bump.

Practice up kids…

What system r u guys using…???

PS-FREEs mah dude.

I’m down for this but I don’t have a team. If anyone wants to team up with me, I play Boxer. PM me or just let me know in the forum.

I Wish Start Time was a Little Later… Ill try to make it tho’