3-way mix-up HAKAN vortex



Been in the lab recently…for starters I start the match backdashing into a FADC already oiled up,into an oil shower. (would you jump in on Hakan when oiled?) For this reason gives me ample time to stack oil. This will only work if your opponent is not rushing you down. (My goal here is to pump fear into my opponent). If your opponent is on the opposite side the screen, close the gap at this point by using f+ mp or f + hk. Once in close, begin your oily onslaught by fishing for an oil slide + follow-up. Oil shower immediately. You can either wait to see what your opponent is going to do next on wake-up, or charge your oil dive and wait for that Golden Frame where your opponent stands even though they are holding db. Note: This will not work on shotos!..you will get dp’d every time.

This is where it gets fun!..once oil dive connects, oil shower again. At this point most opponents will hold down dp. (They are not sure if another oil dive is coming) Either go straight into an EX oil rocket, or f + mp > EX oil rocket…repeat oil shower. Dash in close while opponent is on the ground.(This is the point where your opponent is completely mind f*ckd!)

At this point, it is up to you to figure out what your opponent will do next…i.e. wake-up special…wash…rinse…repeat. This is a basic way of starting a vortex with Hakan for players who just picked him up. Everything is not fullproof, so make sure you go into the lab and practice your Hakanbos…let me know what you think.

Its a 3 way mix-up because your opponent has to either worry about 1…oil slide…2…oil rocket…3…oil dive on wake-up.

The Wong factor?..the Wu factor!