3 way split CGA output from cps2 board?

I am trying to split the video output from a cps2 board 3 ways. First to each cab of a head to head setup…and lastly a third output for streaming/recording/whatever. Problem is, once I do the 3rd split the picture on the cabs gets very foggy looking and no monitor adjustments make it better. I’ve noticed on my cabs that certain monitors handle the 3 way split better than others. Is there a proper device for splitting the signal without the signal loss? Or an amplifier I can use to boost the rgb and sync from the board? I am using a cheapo cga->vga converter for the last split.

I’ve definitely seen circuits for that sort of thing, I’m not so sure about off the shelf stuff.

What are the monitors? CGA or VGA?

I use this http://www.arcadeshock.com/items/capcom-loose-pcbs/capcom-cps2-link-cable-cps2link-acc-detail.htm and this http://www.arcadeshock.com/items/pro-hardware-and-gaming-systems-/video-capture-board-rgb-to-ntsc-converter-rgbntsc-acc-detail.htm?1=1 to stream/capture ST,VS and TS