30/06/07 Midsummer Night's Dream Ottawa MVC2/CVS2/3s/XvSF/ST tournament

EDIT: Moved to the 30th, by popular request.

When: 2pm Saturday, June 30th
Where: Games Room, University of Ottawa
What: Games, duh
Cost: $10/game

Post here to preregister on a bracket, if you sign up on the 30th I’m gonna give you a random seed.

mvc2 = console
cvs2 = console
3s = console
xvsf = arcade
ST = $5 console

Yeah I’m down with Martin, BTW whens t8?


That’s EVO North weekend.


I might be workin, but I’ll let you know.

book it off.

I moved this to the 30th

If I come its for Marvel, Xmen, 3s.

i lost some money yesterday…fucking ottawa senator

i guess ill get my money back plus more this 30th

ps: comming with fred phoun and smokey

hmm mouais p-e que je vais venir

YO Ill be down there on the 30th

I want some money matches in ST and MVC2 Ill take anybody from Ottawa for 10 or 20 in both games

oh wow i didnt expect a lot of people from montreal to go to this tournament seems like i really have to come down there its a must right?


$5 ST MM


Btw I pre-register for mvc2 and also ST if you guys run a tourney

seed me please.

hype i wasnt gonna show up at all cuz it’s my gf’s bday but i might show up during the day for a bit if some out of towners are there…

edit: if i go i’ll be taking cvs2 money matches.

Im going to do just 3s probably, maybe cvs2.

I’ll probably be there (3s only). You can save some time and put me in the loser’s bracket right off the bat if you want :lol:

3s, xmen, marvel, st

Marvel 100%

Not sure of xmen and 3s right now Khiem.

Ill tell u later in the week.

Its all about the money that i lack right now yo!!!

dont bother just give me the money I ll let you shake my hand