30% block damage 80% guard damage cc

i’m not sure if anyone has mentioned this before, or if it’s even useful but you can do a cc

go foward roundhouse to open it up cancel into fierce spin kick and keep doing the command for it on recovery , and when meter is about to run out do the raikoken super and it should be around 30 % block damage 80% guard damage.

and if they allow themselves to be hit by the drill kick you can press fierce punch and mk them to the corner into something more damaging. i hope this is helpful.


crossup lk, c.lp, c.lp, activate, s.fk XX (FK) spin kick x N. (guard breaks) hop forward, command throw.

Ummm, Actually, That Blocked CC, try to just before CC ends.Let the Katategoma end and Do your Super Throw. Many people just block in fear and you catch them (Literally).

huh? whenever I used use to do that combo ( back when I used to use A groove) I usually alwasy break the gaurd and end up with a special at the end.