30+ C Groove Combo?



i got hit with this not too long ago, i should have saved the match. anyone else now how to accomplish this? i keep getting impressed by ryo users i might have to pick him up sometime


never heard of it. i usually get around 27. i admit i haven’t played with him in a while. c.lp, c.lp, qcf lk, hcb mp then just as you land, qcf hcb lp. i’ll see if i can find anything else. if you find out, let me know.


That combo can land 30 if you substitute a Zan Retsu Ken (f, b, f+fp) for a Ranbu. It does roughly the same damage (about 400 less, or closer. Something superficial.)


all i got was 29 hits…

s.lp s.lp c.lk > qcf + hcb +mp> after uppercut… fbf+P and you can get 29 hits… I think if you put 3 jabs then low kick it will get 30 hits…


i know the combo was 34 hits, i didn’t get hit when i was dizzy either. just a clean combo