30 Characters?!


Got linked this.

'As predicted, as expected, Capcom’s biggest news was the coming of Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 next Spring. While the company kept most of the details to themselves, they did talk a bit about the making of the title and what we can expect from it.

It will be a 2.5D fighter running on MT Framework, include about 30 characters and hit the PS3 and Xbox 360, they say.’

… My dreams of Demitri are out of the window, if this is true.


IGN says they have 30 already and “hope to add many more”


It’s 30 in the current build, it will be increased before shipping Im sure


30 already with a year to go, I’m confident it’ll reach 45+.
If I remember correctly MvC2 had 56, that was a little much.
I say a good balanced roster of 45-50 would leave me content,
I’d also be happy with a roster of every single Marvel and Capcom
character ever thought of, but what do I know? :sweat:


Not saying the report is or is not accurate, but… Kotaku is pretty well known for their habit of posting first, confirming… well, whenever they get around to it.
Let’s just say that journalistic integrity is not their strong point, so it may serve you well to take their news posts with a grain of salt.

Having said that, I don’t expect to see as many as 56 in this one, but… I imagine 40 is a reasonable number.


*While the game could certainly support any number of characters, Niitsuma said that time constraints led the team to shoot for a bit more than 30 characters in the game.

While downloadable content for the game, most likely new characters, is certainly possible, no DLC plans have yet been locked in, said Capcom’s Seth Killian.*

Also, Chris Redfield is a hint towards the direction they are going with the Capcom side, so expect to see some Dead Rising, Lost Planet, and PHOENIX WRIGHT IN THIS BITCH.

30+ characters is fine


I’d like to see more characters than there are in Super IV. I don’t really want to see lots of Resident Evil/ DMC characters though, they always seemed really dull and generic to me.


War Machine and Iron Man must be the Tekka Team of this game. They will definitely use DLC for this game as it’s been discussed for both Super and TVC:UAS.


Capcom said they’re “going to blow fans out of the water” with the sheer amount of characters on the game.

People are taking the 30 character thing too seriously. It’s obviously going to be more.


we just have to see when the game about to come out but with Christ in that means no zombie jill which is okay since it seems frank hinted and he a new zombie character.