30 sec. av Challenge for da pro's

lol…since the sig battle was crapy…and this is just for fun…i decided to make a 30 sec. av challenge (got the idea from that dude that makes those shity avs in 30 secs. lol)

everybody can enter the challenge…i wanna see da pro’s enter too…do it for da fun and laughs…this isnt a serious thing guys:p

there isnt a theme or certain character

you dont accualy have to time yourslef…but aslong as its under like a min or 2 then thats fine…cause remember…this is just for fun:p

haha…here is my 30 sec. av…accualy it took 1:47 secs…but its under 2 mins…hehe:p

Hmm. Don’t think this will fly.


awwww i dont think people would do that…:lol:

Oekaki avatars.

What you could do is get on Netmeeting with a judge and he/she could time the person and watch them to make sure it’s legal. Just a thought. :wink:

sounds like a good idea to me…and thats why i dont want any of the newbs doing this…cause like all the pro’s dont cheat…there always honest…and its JUST FOR FUN…it isnt a serious thing…so if someone does cheet…o well…i want to see how good the pros can make avs in 2 mins or less anyways

i went just a bit over 2 mins looks bad though… oh well… i didnt even get time to clean the pic right, it has a nasty black boader on it if you can see.


ah…thats nice for makin in 2 mins…i couldnt do it

mines was only 6 layers…very simple

  1. clouds
  2. ryu sprite
  3. airbrush
  4. purple/black coulds earased (but not over the airbrush)and set to color dodge
  5. text
  6. text

That’s very helpful. It took me like 10 min. to extract a picture from a comic book :lol:

Don’t worry, I’d never copy anybody’s style.