30 Year Old Teacher Runs Away With 15 Year Old Student


In my own country, England.


Question is, would you leave her: (his wife)


For her: (the student)






the power of young pussy.


But THAT young. Dude had his whole life laid out, he just couldn’t resist that young meat.


The guy looks like someone I went to school with :lol:

We have a thread for this.


homegirl’s arms look bigger than mine


Should this have go into the lounge?


Naw we have a thread dedicated to naughty teachers - The official bad teachers thread



More gold from the teacher.


…no fucking way :rofl:


Yes, it’s all true. :stuck_out_tongue:


His wife and the girl kind of look alike. I bet his wife’s vagina is bad yo


His wife’s short hair is hot, wtf was he thinking?


Don’t stand

Don’t stand so

Don’t stand so close to me



The song is THAT good, yo


This is why I’m not a high school teacher. My “deciding what to do with my life” younger self said “That road leads to exile and arrest.”


Man I dunno…both are cute.

Frankly I dunno if I’d be able to put up with a Teenager at that age in my life, especially a teenage girl. Talk about being in different places.

I totally get the whole being attracted to teenage ass. Right there with you, but would you really be able to have a relationship with one, at your age? Imagine it…The most important things in her life are her “girl friends” and updating her facebook/twitter. I’ll even giver the benefit of the doubt and guess she knows what paying a bill is like…her phone bill.

Sure you could deal with someone like that day in, day out, as part of a romantic relationship?


Well, I don’t want a relationship, I have a wife for that. I just want to know what a 16 year old girls butt feels like from the inside.


Yeah, it just seems like a crapshoot. Teens are so easy and you see em everyday and you have so much leverage over them. I’d rather not put myself in that position.





Back in the days, this song used to be played:


Relevant lyrics:
Girl you don’t understand that you not my type I got a wife and you was just my late night hype