** $300 ggCircuit SF4 Tourney @ Gamepad ** Fredericksburg, VA ** 4/11/09

Again, local players at Gamepad represented the strong MD/VA SF4 community by sweeping the ggCircuit tournament taking 1st and 2nd. I feel confident Corrosion would have taken at least 3rd if we were allowed to advance 3 finalists.

Here are the brackets:

Finalists championship bracket. (Select Gamepad from the drop-down menu to see the local qualifying bracket.)

Congratulation to Eric K. (Team Me) on first, even having to suffer through a lag battle in the finals. Also to Renegade on second, defeating a robotic Ken algorithm. As I said before, I know Corrosion could have taken at least third - that was a close match against Renegade in the local semi-finals.

We look forward to having you all back for our next large in-house SF4 tournament, where we will also be running CvS and MvC2 tournaments on the cabs. Stay tuned and GET HYPE!

I had a great time at this event. Very chill venue, nice chairs, good setups, etc. It could definitely host a semi major event.

The local tournament was fun, the online tourney was a little frustrating, but hey, it’s why the guaranteed prizes were there. Only one online competitor was really laggy, but the definitely took some of the luster off the event. Why someone from a LAN center would have a poor connection is beyond my comprehension.

If another tournament were held here, I would come back and advise others to do so as well. It’s a perfect spot for a SOVA vs NOVA tournament.

On that note.

I like having the cabs there for casuals, but those buttons/sticks on MvC2 are really terrible. Play on something like a TE stick and then go to the button layout on Marvel. The buttons are too far apart and feel really cheap. It almost needs a whole panel replacement.

They aren’t tournament ready, IMO.

argh wish i couldve made this!! hope you guys have another soon (that i can make lol)… im glad you guys are continuing to hold events and hope you keep up the good work

Its not that bad of a drive either, and its central between sova, nova and really close to RVA… i hope they do have a big tourney here soon!!

and yes please fix the mvc2 buttons sticks!

damn I need to make it out to one of these. I hear nothing but good things about your tournies.

p.s. I agree with Robin about cheap buttons. MvC2 players cant have crappy buttons because they’ll fail in the first half of the tourney, due to the mashing.

I’m glad you guys were able to enjoy yourselves in spite of the online portion. I was hoping that more folks showing up from the community would help get the word out that this was a good spot to hold a tourney. Having mystery veteran show up was really cool, and there was a decent enough vibe. I’m hoping that with the amateur tourneys on Fridays and more folks with scene experience showing up for the more major tournaments, this area can continue to develop a good fighting game scene.


I talked to the guy who owns those machines about replacing the panels and just doing some maintenance on them. He said he’s free to work (with some help) Fridays or Saturdays, so I’m gonna see if I can put some time aside to possibly get them up to speed. With more people showing up who actually would enjoy playing those games on quality parts, there’s more incentive for him to repair the things now. I’m glad you guys showed up.

Good shit, everyone. I wish I could’ve been there.

As for the CvS/MvC2 tournaments, I’m just going to agree with everyone else as follows and say the sticks/buttons need improvement… especially if I’m going to come down for this. :wink::lovin::party:

while the cats away… yet again.

this place sounds nice. cant wait to finally get there. cabinet marvel and cvs sound gdlk.

Felt weird as hell playin in a tourney again lol. I had fun regardless :p.

Good shit to everyone. The place is a gem IMO. Could definitely be a tourney hotspot as long as the right peeps stay involved. I’ll try to make it to any future ones for sure.