30mm screw-in button hole plugs / blockers for wood panels?

I have been looking around and I am having difficulty finding hole plugs / blockers for 30mm holes that are suitable for wooden panels. People generally don’t seem to recommend using snap-in plugs for wooden panels, however Happ seems to be the only consistently available source for hole plugs and I’m not sure if they are big enough to plug a 30mm hole.

Seimitsu makes 30mm screw-in plugs that look like they’d be perfect for a wooden panel, but I don’t know anywhere that sells them.


I know that the product I need is out there, but it seems like 30mm plugs for wooden panels is a bit of a niche item, and finding it online has been a pain in the arse. Any suggestions from our astute community?

If you find some like that, please let me know where. I want them so bad.

Yenox button plugs work great for 30mm or 28mm holes. They look to be out of stock at this moment. They also work for 24mm holes but the holes must be spaced far enough apart.

Those look promising, although as you said, they’re out of stock. :frowning:

I’ll probably go with Yenox if they’re ever back in stock, however I’d certainly like to solve the mystery of the Seimitsu screw-in button plugs and if anyone has them.