31 Special Forces Soldiers Dead In Afghanistan

Very sad losses; these Special Forces/ Navy Seals and Afghan Commandos collectively represented over a hundred thousand hours of training, experience, and diligence. These characteristics are just as irreplaceable as their lives.

EDIT: Mistook “None” for “Some” thanks otori.

Yeah, I came across that news story earlier and didn’t even read past the first few paragraphs. It’s pretty depressing.


So almost ten years on, and yet the Taliban can strike like this…

What I don’t get is that the only tie we had left with bin Laden’s death were these soldiers. No body, no pictures… and now no soldiers? Really?

and its likely that this war will never end, they are doing the same thing they did to the Soviet Union in the 80’s, and its either the troops get out of Afghanistan or we are going to keep loosing soldiers.

article too long?

and the Persian empire, Alexander the Great, Gengis khan and the Mongols, the brits, and probably alot more, im no history expert, but the area is built for the home team

did they know it was the bin laden hit squad when they attacked?

dead men tell no tales.

on a releated note, Osama executed and fulfilled his promise. He had the last laugh.

R.I.P to the soldiers.

Ok, atleast. Yes, the article was too long.

Way too many coincidences.

very sad

mad respect for the seals


Horrible news. Horrible fucking news. Especially when I have family and friends up there.

these helicopters are fuckin up man. it seems like every single special forces mission with helicopters ends up losing at least one. even the otherwise flawless OBL mission

…I don’t even…

it seems way more surprising that this sort of thing doesn’t happen all the time considering the amount of missions that have been getting carried out over there on a near daily basis.

yes because this governemt has a great track record of doing nice things and not doing extremly questionble things.

That’s also why I hate Black people. Because they have a clear record of doing bad things. I bet this is some Black guy’s fault somehow.

:u: Makes as much sense as what you just wrote.

Wow, we didn’t even get off the first page before the disrespectful conspiracy theories started flying in. Good job.