32" or higher LCD reccomendation

Hey guys I’m looking to purchase t.v for my room since i started to use my ASUS “evo monitor” for my comp. I’m looking to purchase a 32" LCD or 42", any recommendations? it would be for gaming only btw so anything that wont lag and good refresh rate, and I’m looking to spend 550 the most so let me know whats your oppinion.

Thanks in advance!!

I always have liked samsung TVs

Any one specific tv?

Samsungs of this generation have a reputation for being rather laggy.

Check out the HDTV thread.

Being someone that hates to play sf on LCD due to input lag I found it very hard to find a good 32" LCD tv. I used to play on a 52" philips LCD tv but then started to use a CRT and never went back.

However! After alot of research and the input lag test performed by Cicada (srk member) I decided to get the Panasonic TX-L32S10B 32" lcd tv. In my opinion this is the best LCD tv I have ever used. Pop it into game mode and there is literally no lag at all. Alot of my friends have played on my tv and they can’t notice anything.

Highly recommended!