323 Los angeles And surrounding Areas

Looking for a group to play with on UMvC3. I’d consider myself intermediate at best, and most of my friends who play have moved out of state. Looking for people to go to tournies with, and go to a few gaming sessions here and there. Trying to up my game before Evo. If interested, hit me up. Thanks.

I’m down I wanna learn about the game too. Sadly I sold my PS3 and Ultimate Up(Bills) But I still remember alot.

I’m down to play umvc3 and sf4. I stay in Compton off wilmington/131st. Shoot me a pm and lets try to get some matches

yo what up man i just started a group in southgate, me and afew other play every weekend to try and level up. jpchato you still never hit me up dude. heres my digits 323 514 5725 just text me and tell me who you are, i welcome everyone so no wories just dont be a scumbag lol