(323) South Gate

Anyone near? casuals/practice?

i live by south gate in la by central and firestone…hmu on XBL BANG LiFE

i’m in san pedro, but I’m terrible. I wish there was an arcade in the south bay, I’m sick of playing on PSN but I’m too shy to deal with normal, face-to-face human interaction… :frowning:

There are plenty of people near that host casuals and practice. We usually go to Joe’s (in Bell) on the weekend and i may start having sessions at my place (in LA, south of the 105)

Keep this thread active lol.

I’m in South Gate.

Twice hit me up…im down to go play umvc3…im available Saturday nights

And monday during the day…im also down to go to joes to play also…

I live in Bell, which is super close to all you guys so if you guys still are planning on getting together for UMvC3 casuals, I would love to join.

I live near vermont/century and I’m hoping to start carpooling with people to wnf and the runback. if anyone is interested send me a message.<br>