35" x 13" Stick Art Ideas


Okay SRK denizens;

I am in the process (as in it’s being built right now) of putting together a rather large 2p Arcade stick. I am racking my tiny brain over what to do for the artwork, so I thought I’d put it to the community (not sure if this is the right section of the forum though).

Here’s a quick snapshot of the design to get your brains pumping:
Stick Design


(I can send a larger to-size PDF if anyone wants)[/details]

I’m looking for both ideas and art. Being a rather large canvas, resolution is important of course, but I’m also looking for design ideas (i.e. left side v. right side; landscapes, etc.). Here are some of my favorite games/characters for starters:

Character List


Street Fighter Series:
(Evil) Ryu

Iron Man

B.B. Hood


Soul Calibur:

I don’t want to give too much more beyond that because I’m trying to find something I haven’t even thought of yet. Ideas?


i tried to make a huge stick like this as well, i guess i got 50% of the way there…the case is made (48’’ by 10’’) but i never got around to drilling all the holes on the control panel and plexi…but here’s the template i was working on for it.


I’d be super interested in the source arts for that. I think that’s about 30% too much sexy for my stick, but it looks good. Were you going with the plain white background?

What res are the source arts?


Too sexy?! i didn’t think that existed :stuck_out_tongue:

1024*768 is probably the lowest resolution you can use, anything smaller than that will not look good at 300 dpi. and i wasn’t going to use a white background, but i never got around to finishing the stick so i never finished the art…maybe one day…the unfinished case is still sitting in my shed although i don’t know if it’s it still good since it’s been exposed to the winter temperatures twice now…meh…


I’ve been scouring for much higher res than that, i.e. 6MP and higher. Any good places for some PNG background-less character art that I don’t know about yet? :slight_smile:


good luck getting multiple images that big :slight_smile: i just retouch them up in photoshop


Don’t use character arts on something this large, it will look tacky.
ESPECIALLY don’t use character art unless you can find it in absurd resolutions (3200px +).
If you have an image you like, Google-Image search it for larger.

Or even better.
Use some cool vector arts, like Sega Astro City.


Don’t know how good the whole “retro” thing is going to look on a full wood case…

what about an old marquee style image? i.e. this:

Know where I can get a high enough res for my dimensions for something like this?


Find a vector redrawing and scale it up and export it at the desired size. Then add some simple photoshop magic and you should be ready to print.


Where can I find a Vector Redrawing? Or just vector Redrawings in general?