360/Analog Sticks on a Fight Stick


So…don’t judge me I have my trusty modded Atrox for normal fighting games…but I’m building a fight stick for Super Smash Brothers: Project M.

The main issue I’m having however, is that I need to be able to register tilts as well as full directional movement, so it looks like I need to use a 360 degree stick similar to what you see in some arcade cabinets.

I’m looking at the Ultrastik 360 Arcade Joystick for the stick and my PCB is planned to be the Toodles Cthulu (because what CAN’T you do? <3), I just don’t know if I can use this stick on this PCB as this is my first build. (although I have modded my Atrox with some new wiring, art, restrictor plate, and blazblue buttons)
Link to the stick: http://www.ebay.com/itm/ULTRASTIK-360-ARCADE-JOYSTICK-BLACK-BALL-TOP-HANDLE-SUPPORTS-UP-TO-8-BUTTONS-/271278522964?pt=UK_Video_Games_Coin_Operated_MJ&hash=item3f2975c254

If this is a no-go, do you guys know of any sticks that can handle the tilts that I need? I’m having difficulty finding anything outside of the reliable 8-way sticks I’m used to.

edit: alternatively, are there any controller thumbstick modules that work well if I attach a stick and balltop to the end of without them having an awkward feel?


Your problem is less of whether or not that joystick unit can do analog, and more of whether or not the PCB you choose can handle the analog input.
Most arcade-fighting-game-joystick-driven PCBs don’t take analog inputs; and while the Cthulhu does emulate the left/right analog sticks, it doesn’t actually take in analog inputs.

I’m also doubtful that you’d be able to use the stick you linked to with the application that you’re intending, since it appears to run on a totally separate interface (ie, it has its own PCB); but I’ll leave that to someone else more knowledgeable on analog joysticks to chime in.


Upon digging around a bit (and forgetting to update the thread XD) I think I might be able to get this stick to work…maybe…I really need to find someone who has worked with this stick before and see what they have to say on it.

In theory, I think this could work…

Here’s my part list I’m likely going to use if it works:
Toodles Cthulhu PCB (with a gamecube adapter)
Ultimac Ultrastick Balltop (linked above)
Sanwa Denshi buttons (30mm, possibly 24mm for cstick inputs and taunts)

edit: also I shouldn’t forum while drinking rum, I see what you said up above there…I’m going to poke around and see what other people have done with this stick, see if there’s an interface or something I can use that can send the needed info to the console for the stick.


You could just get a bat top Sanwa JLW, I believe the ultrastik is based on it anyways.


The ultrastik is a modified JLW. But he can’t use it for this. The PCB on the Ultrastik it’s for PC, but will alo work for Linux and Android. It won’t work as intended for the Cthulhu because the Cthulhu doesn’t register analog movement. I’m not certain there it’s a pcb out there for this, though in theory, this’s should be doable for the PS3 if we can convince someone that there is a market for this. That still wouldn’t solve he OPs problem though since he would need this for a Nintendo based system.


Thing is though I need this to work on the Gamecube of all things, alternatively for the Wii


In that case, you’ll need to padhack a Cube controller, and use the analog inputs on that PCB.


Right, I understand, hence my point that this won’t work. The Ultrastik only works as analog in PC,Linux, or Android. Every other situation, the Ultrastik PCB translates the analog signal into a digital signal. This feature is really cool, as it allows for nearly unlimited customization of your sticks behavior. You can make the engagement as quick as you want, the corner zones as large as you want, neutral zones if you want. It will not however output analog to a separate PCB. I don’t believe there is an off-the-shelf solution for you. You are going to have to engineer something, or pay someone to. I think this will be an expensive endeavor.


Gotcha, I’ll explore some padhack options then, I’m sure I could rig a stick to that and make a stick of sorts out of it with some wire extensions on the contacts or something.

edit: rig a stick to the thumbstick I mean, before I cause any confusion. I’ve seen a few conversion “kits” around for other styles of controller.


No clue if this is a workable fix, but conceptually… it looks like a strong maybe. Came across these sticks while looking for Wico parts.

Hope this helps.

They’re the ones used in old Midway NFL Blitz games where analog inputs were needed to control the speed and directions of the players on the field.

You’ll need to research it further though… sorry.

Suzo/Happ 49 way joystick

Groovy Game Gear GP49 PCB

49 way joystick info


that PCB is only good for PC, which can already be done, the OP is talking about building an analog stick for the nintendo systems.