360 and 720 move executions

Hey guys, this question has been on my mind for a bit. I’m not sure how to do a 720 or 360 without jumping in the air. I would really like to know how to execute 360s and 720s without jumping in the air. Ive seen it be done but Ive never figured out how to do it.

Can anyone share this with me?

You just have to do it really fast.

You can also generally buffer the motion into a dash, a normal, or a special move.

For 360 motions most people just do a 270 and the button, it’s a way to “cheat” it and do a ground 360 without looking obvious.

For both 360 and 720 (Mostly the last), you will need to buffer the motion from another move to get it out on the ground. Say for Tager in BB:CS, he could do spark bolt, and during that animation you begin churnin’ dat buttah and press the input and voila! ground 720’s.

Without a specific character and game no one can give you a complete rundown, just some basic tips like this.

I am going to assume you are talking SF4
for 360’s you just have to go a bit past the half circle mark, :hcb::ub: the game will basically cheat for you and finish the move. When I want to do a 720 I just jump in and get one revolution in midair and then the second part on the ground, again you don’t have to end in a full 360

Not quite. The game will not recogize this input as a 360 unless you hit :u: at the end. It’s not a 360 command unless it ends in a neutral up position.

Also, there’s only a few positions you got to hit to make it register. you can do a half-circle motion and hit up right after and it’ll still count.

Think so? Obviously I am not going to argue since I have a newbie post myself lower on the page :stuck_out_tongue: but the difference between a 360 and a 180 (like honda or abel) for me is so small I barely notice anymore, even in training with the input displayed I don’t see a :u: in SSF4

You don’t need to end at up in SFIV.

Just do a half circle in either direction and continue on to up-forward or up-back.

Fairly certain 3S is the same too.

Not used Tager in BB so can’t say how strict the 360/720/1080 motions are in that game.

For SF4 the shortcuts are…
:hcf::uf::p: for 360
:p::ub::hcf::df::d::db::l::ub::p: for 720,You gotta use the first punch (or any move really) to prevent yourself from jumping

You can invert these too of course.

Not really strict, using what I wrote I can do walking 360’s and backdash 720’s. But I can’t get the hang of fuckin’ magnets so…Shrug

Don’t know why but ending it in an up-right/left position results in jump-back/forward attacks for me. I’ll probably check it out in training mode.

push the button right when you hit the direction