360 arcade stick using floor tiles- need help!

i am a noob and it is my first custom arcade stick made for use with my xbox 360.
i decided to make it out of vitrified floor tiles . i also ordered a sanwa jlf joystick with happ buttons. this is where i am upto , making the holes is easy because i have the special tools (circular diamond hole cutter) . need a bit of info on how i should go about when installing the joystick in the tile . the tiles are 8mm thick.







Wow, sorry I don’t have much help but I just wanted to give props. That is a unique take on a stick. Hope it doesn’t get too cold on the hands though lol. In terms of mounting the joystick, check out http://slagcoin.com/joystick/mounting_layering.html

That is gonna be so, so fragile. I’ll be surprised if it’s not chipped or broken before you get to play it.

i am a tiler , and believe me its one of the strongest material on the face of the earth . these tiles are used in your car display area . cars can drive on these tiles and the tile wont break or chip:wonder:

Vitrified tiles, that’s like ceramic isn’t it?

Damn, you’re game. I wish you all the best cutting the holes out, especially for the buttons.

As far as mounting the joystick, maybe get hold on a S plate and position it under the tile like so… (courtesy of Slagcoin)

You wouldn’t need so much extra tile underneath though, just enough to give the plate something to bolt on to.

Well… my father is a floor covering retail franchisee, and these ceramic tiles break all the time. yes they are strong when applied to the ground with no room or opportunity for them to flex, but shaped like a box they are fragile… and it’s also going to be difficult to do all your cuts and drilling without getting one of those unlucky surface chips. I can see already on your box that you have chipped away two corners of the case.

Also the material is very unpleasant to touch and have near your fingernails, under whatever circumstance I could not handle it as a laptop device ahha…

Good luck to you though, at least it will have a nice weight to it.

ceramic tile is fragile but vitrified tile is very very strong . i will update with the pictures when the drilling is done. i am thinking of putting the joystick in a seperate piece of wood underneath the tile (the joystick will sit on top of the wood drilled into the wood and below the vitrified tile).
but the buttons are gonna be connected to the vitrified tile directly .

the weight is perfect. my friend is begging me to make one for him . lol
i told him it takes time.


i didnt think anyone would ever attempt building a stick with tiles, yeah from what i know about tiles i dont think its gonna work that well but if you make it work it ll be a hell of an impressive stick.

well done so far, keep posting pics of the process…

Y’know what? Props to you for a fresh take on the custom stick. It’s already looking very slick.

welcome to the newest SRK arcadestick fad: arcade sticks made out of tiles

Imma make a stick out of tree bark.


i just thought last week how a stick out of tiles would look and work.
nice to see that somebody did it :wgrin:

someone should make a box out of a HTPC case.

That mount won’t work. He’s using JLF and it’ll end up way too tall if he does that. S-Plates are for Seimitsus mounting on Sanwa braces.

Is it just me or does the stick look like it’s already chipped? Lower left corner in the first pic.

this will have to be the heaviest arcade stick ever.

imagine having to lugg this around to and around a tourney. O.o

Crap. I used the exact same procedure when I built my wireless stick

Meh, most people don’t give a rat’s ass about height. Especially people who have never played on a Jap cab before. I can’t stand wrong height otoh. It’s just me nitpicking like a little bitch.

QFT. It throws my whole game off =P

Props to OP for making a stick out of such a unique material :tup:

No such thing as “too tall”. It all about preference. I mount my sticks as high as possible, this way the ball top sits perfectly between my index and middle finger so I have the most control possible. If the ball sat any lower I don’t think I’d be able to move it as well(maybe you have small hands?). Also if he found it too tall he could always just add a few washers between the stick and tile to shorten it a bit(or a lot). At least then he’ll have the choice.