360 Case as a box


Has anybody tried using a gutted out 360 as a box for a stick?
I was pondering the idea and was thinking of buying a broken 360 and using the case.
Everyones thoughts on it?



if you do, your stick might red ring on you.


Haha! I laugh because I just pulled apart an old broken 360 for this very reason! The one thing I find is that the plastic alone is very light. Of course, that’s easy to fix, either with weights or with the original shielding from the 360. I’ll ghetto-up some buttons and a stick and see what it looks like tomorrow.


Please do, I’d love to see this idea put into action.


It’s been done seen it on here somewhere.


It’s been done before, actually. I’ve seen a few of them in the custom stick thread.

I would go to find the exact posts if the search function was working :annoy:


I tried to search and I was like “I better not get flamed for posting this shit”:[


Here’s one



Ick, I might have to pass on that build then.


It’s definitely a sweet mod. If I did one I’d HAVE to put a red LED to shine through 3 of the button’s quarter circles to represent RRoD.


Thats for sure but I think I’m just going to make a MDF box.


Ooh, I totally have an old display unit from Circuit City when they closed down. It has a fake drive mount and power and all that that just mount right inside, as well as a fake hard drive casing and the metal inside chassis. That would totally pwn for what you’re talking about!!


Dude! That’s way better than just the plastic outer shell! You could really do a killer stick with that!