360 ChatPad Drivers

I know this subject has been beaten down like a dead horse so many times. Its obvious to see that Micro$oft does not want to release compatible chatpad drivers for the pc. But what i wanted to bring here a suggestion why not try to use another chatpad pcb in place of the 360 one. Gut the chatpad out replace the pcb and use the same housing. What i was thinking of using http://www.u-hid.com/home/overview_board.php. It seems small but not sure if its small enough until i receive it The main reason for this is to use for a HTPC setup or playing MMO with a 360 controller would be ideal. I know keyboard mouse better but sometimes a controller would be nice :nunchuck:. Any suggestions ??

My suggestion is, there is no way in hell that can work, since the keys are not individually switched. You need a PCB that is precisely engineered with contacts for every key, so they can make contact with it and complete the circuit, which triggers the key press.

Even if they WERE individually switched, I would pay money to sit and watch while you wired every single one of about 50 extremely small keys to that U-HID.

Thanks for the reply. I figured that. And i dont know how to get a pcb made for that. I guess its wait on microsoft.

I did see some information on a workaround, using an Xbox to first receive the signal and then relay it to the PC, but this sounds really dumb to me.

I would say, grab a compact wireless keyboard. Such as:


Should be able to get it for around $70. Would be perfect for an HTPC setup, since it has the trackball as well.

Or DealExtreme has all kinds of tiny wireless keyboards, even less than that:

The one from Dealxtreme looks like it could work. The main focus that i wanted to do is still keep the design of the chatpad and replace it. Do you know of anyplaces that would do a pcb for this ?