360 Command Throws

The only way I can find to land these without a jump-in and churning the butter like it’s going out of style is to do a heavy ground attack that on block or hit will leave me at a disadvantage, then slowly and carefully put in the motion, hitting the upper part of the circle first in case I don’t do it quickly enough. This means I get hit while doing it, though, but it’s the only way I can do it on the ground.

Someone like Zangief can somehow do Banishing Flat into an SPD, which I’ve done once in the 18 or so years I’ve been playing fighting games. I don’t get how people walk up and do a 360 grab with Hugo, or how they tick into it with a jab when jab doesn’t leave a long enough window to do the motion and actually complete the throw.

What do I do?

  1. Press the button faster. You have a certain leeway to do so.
  2. Remember that you don’t actually have to do a 360! 270 motion is sufficient. 632147P* (or any other 270) will work.
  3. Buy SkullGirls! It got an "AntiJump"protection where if you run circles with the stick, the game recognizes you want to do a 360 and doesn’t let you jump.

*The numbers are the directions on Numpad. Forward,df,d,db,b,upback.

Chances are if you are playing a lenient game like SFXT you are merely doing some extraneous motions. You only need to do a 412369 or a 632147 motion to get an SPD. It just takes some practice, but the best advice I can give is to calm down and do it slowly, first going from standing block to jump forward jab, until you can consistently get the standing SPD without jumping.

By the way, if you are playing something older or much less lenient when it comes to motions like Super Turbo, things are a little bit more complicated. You have to do the motion MUCH FASTER and still think about your motion and understand when you are pressing up forward or up back.

Bleh. It’s sad that I’ve been playing fighters since SF2 and still haven’t gotten this. Thanks guys. I’ll try it out, but I’m not too optimistic about my chances.

Do or do not. There is no try.

Keep working at it. It’ll come together for you! Have faith!

If you worked on something for 18 years and never improved at it, you’d probably be a bit pessimistic too. Seriously. I am the world’s worst fighter.

You’ve been putting an hour in training mode daily for 18 years?

That would be impossible, since they didn’t have training mode when I started playing.

I don’t practice every day, but you would think that just by playing a lot of different people and doing my best, eventually I would get SOMEWHAT better. It took me my first two years to figure out how to throw a fireball and another two months to get a dragon punch out. I can still only do them sparingly, and I’ve spent hours drilling them. The only thing I’ve improved on in the last five years is being able to do charge db, df, db, uf supers on a stick. No other advancements despite my effort.

So yeah, I’d say I’m the worst. I do a few hours a week, but that’s not enough. Playing all day wouldn’t even be enough.

I highly doubt it took 2 years to learn to do a :qcf: :p:. If so, maybe checkers is more your thing :).

That isn’t really how it works for a lot of people. Sure, some people are able to develop god like execution from just playing at the arcade regularly, but don’t worry about them. Consistent daily practice is the best way to develop muscle memory.

Go to training mode. Start with the joystick pointed forward. Whip it around to up/back. Push a button. If you jump, you either hit the button too late or didn’t hit enough motions. Check input display to see where the error is. Practice fixing it.

It took me two years because my friends all played charge and I was pressing 2, 5, 3, 5, 6, P to do it. I didn’t get that it had to be a roll until my friend figured it out one day and called me over to show me. I got it, but it took awhile to get a DP motion.

Muscle memory is one thing, and the scope of this topic, but it’s not going to make me a better player overall. I still can’t space properly and I panic and fail at execution when it’s most critical. I’m just a piece of shit. I’ll take your SPD advice and try it out in the morning. Thanks.

Hoooly shit, it works. I can now do 632147 and get a standing SPD. I can do it in SFxT and HD Remix, but it looks like I have to do a smooth 270 motion to Up to get it to happen in 3S. That’s crazy. This just put me ahead so much further. Thanks for the advice. I don’t know why I never heard about this before whenever I asked folks about easy 360 motions.

How about those 720 motions, though? Gotta buffer those somehow? They’re not an issue in newer games because they seem to like taking out double motions, but if I’m playing AE or 3S or HD Remix, how do I do a 720 without jumping? Timing seems to be even stricter.

I wouldn’t practice in HD Remix because it allows you to get the SPD without actually pressing up. SFXT is probably the easiest, as Gief has 7 pre jump frames (AE has 6, 3S has 5 and 7 on Super Jumps if I am not mistaken, but I played Ken not Hugo lol). As for 720, these are very specialized. In AE it is possible to do a true standing 720 (Check out Desk’s Video on it), however it is mainly done after being buffered into dash, jab, or short. Also, because of the way motions can be stored (For example, you can jump, do a 360 ending in 6 while in the air, then land, walk up and do a 360 the reverse direction ending back in 7 where you started and get the Ultra). In 3S, I am not sure if the game stores motions in a similar way, but I know the true standing 720 is slightly easier because of the extra frame of leniency. Good luck and Glad SRK is helping you out!

I feel a standing 360 is easy. A few pointers:
The motion and button press must be done within the pre-jump frames. Hugo has i think 7 so a full circle and button press in a 7 frame window, SPEED IT UP!
You dont have to go all the way around as stated earlier.
Remember start with forward!

As far as standing 720s go that’s hardcore stuff!