360 controller combos

Ok, I have been using a 360 controller, not pad, for a good 7 months now. I still play vanilla on pc. I cannot for the life of me do combos. No matter what I do trying to pass trials it won’t do what I try. My left hand also goes numb sometimes and I don’t notice, but i rather not blame it. Like, doing kens trials right now.J.HK > HK > M DP > cancel. Either I can do all into the M.DP and it wil send me into super, or it will go into super instead of M.dp. I AM GOING TO RAGE. Should I just give up? I feel like uninstalling it right now. A stick is out of the question, and so is a pad as I wouldn’t be able to afford either within my budget untill october. I feel like id probably quit before then. Is there anything I can do to make this easier?

I think your controller is good enough. Medium dragon punch… try doing it in practice mode first with inputs showing, because what seems to be the problem is only the dragon punch and not anything else. I think the ideal input for dragon punch would be forward, down, downforward, and make sure that on the downforward is when you press medium punch. Don’t mash too, because I usually get supers if I mash the dragon punches. If, however… you cannot do it… there’s short cuts for dragon punches :S.

I know a really good pad player who does challenges on a stick because he says you just can’t do all of them on a pad.

Food for thought.

Yeah… I’mma have to go with that too… while I’ve played pretty well with a pad and did all of the normal trials in SF4… I never got around to doing the Hard ones.

If you can afford it… it will be worth it to get a stick. It’s worth every penny.

But I just said its not a pad. I’m talking real xbox 360 controller. Not a fight pad, not a fight stick. I cannot for the life of me use the pad on the 360 because my thumb is the size of king kongs thumb. I use the analog stick. I’m even worse on a keyboard. I couldn’t get passed vipers 4th trial in normal. I couldnt get passed ryu’s 3rd kens 3rd or even sagats 1st thanks to fake kick. I find this impossible. Somedays no one can stop me. Other days the same people destroy me. Its mostly the triggers i have issues with. Heavys on left and 3s on right. I’ve tried to learn to just do 3 buttons at once but it seems like the triggers do not like to sync with the regular buttons. Some of these combos feel impossible just looking at them though.

We’re telling you to buy a stick

A 360 Madcatz TE will work on both your 360 and your PC aswell

I never even said I had a 360. I don’t. I also already said its out of budget. I don’t have 150 bucks to waste on an object that works for 1 game I own. There has got to be an easier way.

They only cost $100 and it’s the only way to do some of the things the game can offer. The game was designed to be played on a stick.

Your stick will work with lots of other fight games.

If you only play street figher 4 and you don’t want to play it the way it was meant to be played why even bother with trying to do the more advanced combos? This is obviously just short lived hobby for you so eventually you’ll move on to different games. No big deal.

sorry, I call 360 controllers and ps3 controllers pads…

But yeah ;( it’s worth it to get a stick. I’m not lying and it’s not hype. Even if you just get a shitty standard edition, it will be better.

get a saturn pad for 20 bucks off ebay
sell that 360 controller if you have to, lol

Meh I might as well buy a fightpad for 30 then. I’d need an adapter for a saturn pad. I honestly could not buy one for several months, fightpad or stick. Times are tight ya know? I’m just looking for anyways to make things easier. The double diagnal dp shortcut works more than the other but not always. Sometimes it makes me dash a lot. If someone wanted to donate sure, but hell, I’m stuck on this 360 controller for a good time.

I use it for a few other games too. Its kind of why I got it. Otherwise id be using a keyboard I bet.

Short lived? HA! I been playing sf machines since I was 6. I just do not have money to waste. I’m sorry but I’m not a child who feels money grows on trees.

Since you were 6? and you can’t do combos…

Either save up or just get better by practicing, since you have all that experience from playing since you were 6.

Not on a 360 controller I can’t. Unless the machines I played were special, they all used ball top sticks and 6 button layouts. I figured myself out. I have issues with triggers. Like they arent as sensitive as the XYAB. Switching up buttons for the combo makes it easily done for me. I guess its just bad timing.

Dude, everybody has already answered your problem. You’ve even just answered your own question right there. If you don’t want to pay 150 dollars for a stick, then they usually go on sale for 100 dollars. If you don’t want to buy a TE, you can sometimes find a SE stick for 50 dollars.

No kidding, let it die already. Why the fuck do you keep posting?

Cause you keep whining over a problem you already know the answer to.
look how hostile you get when people have kindly suggested you get a stick. Get salty over advice more, kid.

I know I can do Ryus BnB on a controller just fine

I can do pretty much any non charger BnB on a controller if I have practiced a little with them. Its the weirdo combos from trials I am pissed with. I manage good footsies and combos in matches fine. My ability to cancel could be a bit better though. Anyway, the topic is done, I’ll wait till october to buy a stick and make due untill then. It just seems like I have to put it off every time.

;D you made the GOOD choice!

I don’t think you’d get suddenly better if you were to switch to a stick. Your problem just seems to be mashing the motions out, rather than considering what you’re doing and the timings more carefully.

I use the standard 360 controller too, and while the Dpad is a little stiff, it didn’t prevent me from getting better. I managed all the trials in Vanilla using it, and I’ve got 90% of super’s done using it too.

You just need to give it more time, and more practice.