360 Controller Issues

The controller that came with the 360 seems to be defective or something and sporadically disconnects while I’m playing online for the past 2 days. What is the best controller for fighting games? Since the wireless functionality seems to be the source of the problem, I am only interested in wired controllers. I’ve heard good things about the fightpad, but I guess it couldn’t hurt to ask you guys about it. I just wanna know how good the dpad is and if the shoulder buttons are any good.

Anyone know what might be causing the frequent disconnecting? For now, it only seems to happen while I’m in a match online. I’ll have to try and see if it happens while in training mode. The 360 itself is less than a month old, I use wireless internet and the wireless controller that came with the 360. I also changed the batteries and still have this problem :sad:.

Since it is less than a month old can I exchange the controller for a new one?

Thanks in advance

i suggest dishing out the money for a stick

I’d shell out the money to replace it with either a stick or a fightpad based on your preference.

I second this, i’ve heard bad things of the quality of the fightpads, although the internet is clearly more vocal on issues. I have two friends that own them and liked them quite a bit, i’ve also played on one and it was fine. If your unsure about stick they make what’s called the SE Edition FightStick by madcatz is fairly cheap and not too bad for a starter stick for the price, it can also be modded with Sanwa buttons later.

I’m not a fan of the fightpads shoulder buttons, its why I switched to stick.
But it may not be an issue for some

Ive been a pad player since SF2WW and actually never had any issues with my pad. Your pad might be faulty and you probably need a new one. Worse case scenario, you take your whole system back and exchange it with a new one.

Ive used the fightpads and they are not bad. It reminds me of the 6 button pads for Sega Genesis, but a little on the bulky side. The shoulder buttons are a little wierd and the set up of the buttons is odd, but after getting use to it, it shouldnt be a problem.

Ive recently bought a Mad Catz Round 2 TE Stick and I must say its great. The only issue I have is getting use to playing on stick rather than pad. Mad Catz usually has deals so it might be worth it to check out their website.

sometimes the battery pack gets jostled loose.

if you happen to like the 360 controller I suggest getting a play and charge kit. If your not so keen on the 360 controller I’d get either a fightpad or a stick depending on your own preferences.

Yeah I’m 100% convinced my controller is defective. Certain inputs always seem to disconnect it like doing machine gun upper with DJ from down right to up right. I ordered a fightpad on amazon for 25 bucks with shipping and will look for the receipt so I can exchange my controller for a new one. Thanks for the help.

360 gamepads are for fighting games what a skateboard without wheels is to a skater…simply useless.