360 controller - smaller thumbstick gate?

So, I’m waiting on a new stick, seems most/all are sold out for the moment with no indication of new arrivals any time soon.

I’ve been using the standard 360 controller. I modded the Dpad so it’s more sensitive, but it still sometimes hits directions other than the one I’m holding down, which is a deal-breaker. I’ve been using the thumbstick for directional input, and I actually like the feel of it better…

The biggest drawback of the Thumbstick, I find, it that the gate for it is needlessly huge. Just tilting the the stick forward the slightest bit will make you jump, but in the heat of battle I’m often finding myself moving the stick all the way to top, and that’s the case for all the directions. I’ve been thinking of an easy way to modify the thumbstick gate (the hole in the plastic that the stick comes out of) to make it smaller, just big enough so that the directional input goes through when the stick hits the gate. Granted, the controller will probably be only used for SF4/fighters, unless the modification isn’t permanent.

Has anyone done anything like this? How did it work out? I couldn’t find anything like this on google/SRK.

I don’t think anyone has ever tried it.

I imagine you could open it up, remove the plastic analog cap, wrap the metal nub a few times with electrical tape toward the bottom and replace the cap.

I have no idea how this would feel but I think it’s doable. It’s similar what people do to their Sanwa shafts.

To tell you the truth, I wouldn’t even have to take it apart, I think I can manage to wrap some electrical tape around the stick.

Great suggestion, and it’s not permanent. I’ll try this later, see if there’s any improvement :smiley:


what I did before I got my arcade stick was wrap the shaft with the stuff you wrap around pipe threads. I think its called Teflon tape. It’s very thin and sticks to itself quite nicely, and doesn’t leave any adhesive residue if you want to remove it. I never had any issues of it unraveling.