360 controller to arcade stick: Trigger question

Okay, rather than use the 10k resistor to make the right and left triggers useable push buttons, what if you were to leave the trigger’s little black 3 prong resistor in and then solder wires from those solder joints to your pushbuttons? It appears this is what this guy did in in 6:50 in this video [media=youtube]bXkUo090ffY&feature=related[/media]

I pretty sure I didn’t see any resistors.

Also, I havn’t seen this in other threads, but if this works, can I then just solder one wire from the middle solder joint on the front (circled in blue) http://www.slagcoin.com/joystick/pcb_diagrams/360_diagram6.jpg
to my terminal, and then from there to my button?

yes… as long as you leave the original “little black 3 prong resistor” intact then you don’t need to solder additional 10k resistors to the pcb, it’s in the padhacking thread…

as for the soldering to the middle joint, assuming you have that exact controller then yes… make sure you check if you have a different one!

E.g. the official MS controllers have been known to have different soldering points for the triggers for different revisions even if the PCBs are similar…