360 controller trigger jamming. Help!


I’m currently assembling stick based around a 360 wired controller. Unfortunately the left trigger is registering as on constantly :shake:. Does anyone know what the cause of this might be? As I don’t really need it, can the pot for the trigger be removed completely or will this cause spurious input?

If I look at the output from the triggers on the controller diagnostics on a PC, the output seems to be ok.

Any help gratefully received.

BTW I’m rubbish at soldering, only just managed to get the thing wired up.

wut kinda controlla you tryna solder?

no do not remove the pot from the trigger

instead try to move the circular thingey on the pot until it registers as neutral, once that’s done use some super glue to keep it in place like that

Twinniess is absolutely right; if the post is still on, move it until it registers as not pressed; gently turn it all the way to one direction, check if its pulled; if not, rotate all the way to the other direction, and test again. Once you find the right spot, use something like hot glue to make sure it doesn’t move.

You can lock it in place with resistors, but if the pot is still there, there’s no need and you can avoid soldering.

Thanks for the replies guys. The pcb is an official Microsoft one. I have tried moving the circular thingy clockwise and anticlockwise fully. I can see the effect that this has in the diagnostics window for the controller in windows. The only trouble is is that it registers as on when I plug it into the xbox. It’s only the left trigger that’s doing this. It’s extremely odd!

what 360 drivers are you using?

i would strongly suggest you grab the xbcd drivers and change it so that the left trigger is recognized as a trigger

this way when you look at the diagnostics windows, you can find out if something is wrong

also do a quick check on your wiring and soldering and see if something is causing it to trigger it on startup

I’m not sure if 360 has a way to reset the controller or not while plugged into the console(like the N64 and Gamecube controllers). If it does then try that method and see if it still acts up somehow

Hi twinniss, I’ve installed the Microsoft drivers on the PC so it recognises it as a 360 controller device (from the CD that came with the MS XBOX 360 controller I got for the PC). Twisting the pot back and forth does display analog movement (i.e. not simply on or off) and it is returning to the centre when both are ‘off’ (the red bar goes up when one trigger is used and down with the other and returns to centre when neither is used).

I checked out the wiring but unfortunately all of the solder points are under a heap of hot glue so it’s going to be impossible to check.

I also tried unplugging and plugging the controller in. One of the games I was using to check did respond correctly for about 10 seconds before the problem reappeared.

It may be that I’m just going to having to try and solder a resistor to the PCB.

Fortunately, in all the 360 games I’ve tried (SC IV, DOA4 and VF5) the triggers can be disabled so the stick is still 100% usable. It’s just annoying that I can’t get it just right.

Thanks for your help with this!