360 conversion

Sorry for creating a new thread fellas, but i’ve been cruising this section for half the day and haven’t been able to find exactly what i’ve been looking for.

Ok…back in the day I made my own custon xbox stick (I believe it was using a pelican pcb from a crappy stick they made because it required no soldering) but now I want to convert it for use with the 360.

I have no soldering experience and don’t even want to go that route at all. So what i’m looking for is a quick pcb switch for my stick that doesn’t require any soldering…just quick disconnects like I have in the guts of my current stick. Are there any current 360 sticks/pads on the market that will allow me to do this?

I was really hoping that this would be an easy and somewhat painless switch if at all possible. The current stick is using a happ comp stick and buttons wired up to the pcb using nothing but quick disconnects.

Bottom line is I have all I need (sans the new and easily accessable pcb!) and just wanted to avoid having to pay $150+ for someone with soldering skills to make me a custom box…or order from a company that makes custom sticks. The economy is going into the toilet and the old woman won’t take kindly to me tossing $150-$200 into a new stick lol.

Thanks guys and sorry for starting a new thread regarding this.

All 360 pads will need to be soldered. Post a thread in the trading outlet that you need a 360 pad hacked. As of now I believe that both hozie and James123 are a bit busy atm, so making a thread would be best.

Considering the stick you have is all Happ I suggest you ask, whomever is doing the hack for you, that they include the hack with .187 QDs.

Good luck with your hack.

Great, thank you!!

Are you in Europe?
I will do one for 20 + shipping.
You would need to send the pad though.

Unfortunately no, I am located in the US. Thank you for the offer though, I appreciate it.