360 custom sticks and headset connector

How do you go about this topic? You just solder it to an standard jack and don’t care about the system believeing there is always a headset plugged? You add a switch to manually enable/disable the headset? Or have anyone found a suitable surface mountable normally closed jack?

Buy a usb headset and not worry about it…

I prefer to have the headset jack on the stick.

A little bump to this.

go buy yourself a pad with a headset connector and somehow find a 2.5mm jack that you can drill and attach to the case

something like this


nvm that’s a male connector

something like the one above but female which i can’t find or something like this

That jack is not NC type, so the system will believe that you have always plugged or unplugged the headset depending on how you solder it and ignoring if there is actually something connected or not.

Wireless headset

He didn’t want that…
Hit up b15sdm I believe he has done this to some of his cases… Maybe even rtdzgn… I don’t do this since I use a separate mic from the case…

I know, most panel mounted 2.5mm jacks aren’t suited for what the OP wants.
There always desodering the mic connector on the Xbox 360 PCB and extending it by wires.

I’m seriously considering using a normal 2.5mm panel mounting jack and add a switch to enable/disble the headset, but I would love to find some alternatives.

B15SDM’s newest stick had that mic port I was talking about…

All I use is a “2.5mm stereo plug” which plugs into the xbox 360 pcb. For the case I use a “2.5mm stereo socket”. This way all you need to do is solder 3 wires to the stereo plug and then run those cables to the external 2.5mm stereo socket which you mount in the case. Just make sure you get the ground, stereo and mic wired up correctly.

With a 2.5mm stereo socket you can get rid of the black plastic shroud and drill a hole in your case just big enough for most of the socket to slide into. There is usually a little threaded section towards to the top of the socket which you can use to screw the socket into the case. I normally do that and add a drop of hot glue on the inside to make sure it doesn’t move. Not too much of course as if it gets damaged you can easily remove it.

With this setup I have never had a need to install an additional switch to tell the console that the headset is plugged in or not. All of the ones I have done like this always shows the headset being unplugged when ever I take the plug out and vice versa.

Links to products I use:



Again, the plastic shroud is discarded.

Oh So its like a custom extension cable for 2.5mm audio jacks.

I wonder how this is possible. On the 360 controllers (3rd party or otherwise), there’s an internal switch telling the console that the headset is plugged in or not. When a standard 2.5 mm extension cord is inserted in the headset port, the headset is reported as permanently on. If you solder the mic, phone and ground pins of the extension cord to the corresponding points of the headset port, the headset is NEVER activated.


If you want to activate the headset, disconnect a3 and a2, if you want it disactivated, connect a3 and a2.

When ever a customer wants headset support I always make the extension cables my self using the plug and jack mentioned in previous post. This way you can mount it anywhere and you can use your own thicker wires aswell. I have tried using a small headphone extension cables but the wires were soo fine they almost looked invisible and could only be traced using a multimeter.

I think the 2.5mm stereo jack has its own switch inside. So if you plug it into the xbox 360 controller, yes it is plugged in but the other end which goes go to the jack in the case is telling it there is nothing plugged in. I tried to wire direct to the pcb and had nothing but problems with it so instead make extension cables and never looked back.

Ah interesting info, I’ll try to go the extension cable route if I have the opportunity

I don’t doubt it works. But, dude, it is magic. It makes no sense at all.

I gave B15’s advice some more thought, but I still can’t fathom how it works at all. If 4 pins were going down the extension cable, I would understand but with only 3, “It makes no sense at all”. If someone has a clue and would like to share, I’d love to hear from him.

Did you by any chance try it? I always do it like this and it works. All your using for a 2.5mm “stereo” plug is ground, speaker and mic as shown in the diagram above. Thats 3 wires there and im a little unsure where the 4th wire comes into it. :S

When you plug the cable into the xbox 360 headset port it closes or opens the circuit (cant remember which way it works) and tells it that is plugged in. However on the other end where you are extended the jack to the circuit remains closed or open (again don’t remember which way it works) so the xbox pcb thinks nothing is plugged in. I guess it must be the ground contact inside the extended jack that isnt making contact with the plug.

Its difficult to explain. Trust me just give it a try :slight_smile: