360 Drivers fr Snow Leopard OSX


Hi Guys

I’ve been using the Drivers from the post (http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=188245) which work perfectly under Leopard.

Now that Snow Leopard is out, I would like to know if anyone is/will be working on the compatibility with Snow Leopard.

I’ve had the latest Developer Version and the Drivers weren’t working with it.
Couldn’t figure how to install the kext (neither find it).
However, even the install program from the link above didn’t work under Snow Leopard

Is/will be anyone working on the compatibility or has anyone managed to install it under Snow Leopard?

Help will be appreciated (you cannot imagine HOW MUCH I will love you for this) :slight_smile:


That thread is still active, post your question in there.


it will be most likely ignored when a thread consists of 234873 postings.
therefore, I decided to open a new thread.

Thank you.